iPhone 13 Wood+ResinTraveler Phone Cases

Our iPhone 13 Wood Phone cases are unique and protective. We make each phone case from a unique combination of real wood burl and colorful resin. Designed to perfectly fit and protect your iPhone 13 (Change Phone).

BarrettiPhone 13
KianaiPhone 13
DesireeiPhone 13
CoreyiPhone 13
AlinaiPhone 13
PatrickiPhone 13
ZaydeniPhone 13
LukaiPhone 13
CathyiPhone 13
LaraiPhone 13
JudithiPhone 13
SidneyiPhone 13
AminaiPhone 13
DakotaiPhone 13
LynniPhone 13
MichealiPhone 13
ElainaiPhone 13
EmileeiPhone 13
MalloryiPhone 13
KashiPhone 13
AngeliqueiPhone 13
IbrahimiPhone 13
ShelleyiPhone 13
AtlasiPhone 13
SergioiPhone 13
MeredithiPhone 13
TateiPhone 13
SherlyniPhone 13
IeshaiPhone 13
BeniPhone 13
HaleyiPhone 13
PresleyiPhone 13
TobyiPhone 13
RubeniPhone 13
OmariPhone 13
HaveniPhone 13
BrendaiPhone 13
BethanyiPhone 13
LatonyaiPhone 13
JudithiPhone 13
PatiPhone 13
MessiahiPhone 13
GladysiPhone 13
RodrigoiPhone 13
AgnesiPhone 13
EllaiPhone 13
SonjaiPhone 13
AaroniPhone 13
AvianaiPhone 13
AshlyniPhone 13
DemetriusiPhone 13
KimberlyiPhone 13
ElleniPhone 13
BrodyiPhone 13
GilbertiPhone 13

Can't find one you like? No more left??

Every product we make is one of a kind, made by our team in Elkhart, Indiana. We make more each day and post them here as we finish them. Our most popular pieces usually sell within minutes of being posted.

If you don't see anything today, check back tomorrow!

Don't settle for a boring iPhone 13 case.

Get one made by an artist, using a combination of real burl wood and colored epoxy resin to create a piece of art.

We are super proud of our iPhone 13 wood & resin protective cases and covers. Not just because they will help protect your iPhone 13 if you drop it, but because they cover your phone with art.

Nowadays most cases are pretty boring. Most of them do a great job protecting your phone and you get to pick from black or maybe a couple other colors.

Not at Carved.

We gave up boring a long time ago. Every day we make 1 of a kind pieces. Don't see one you like? Check again in a few hours, or check again tomorrow. It's pretty much guaranteed you will see something new. Keep checking back until you find the perfect iPhone 13 case!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yep! Our iPhone 13 phone cases are designed with a protective rubber bumper that helps absorb the impact from drops. See a drop test and read more about the protection level of our phone cases.
Yep! Each iPhone 13 case is made using real wood burls. All of our wood burls are responsibly and sustainably sourced. We primarily work with Maple and Buckeye burls.
Most of our phone cases are MagSafe compatible.
The iPhone 15/14/13/12 all include a MagSafe compatible magnet.
The Galaxy S23 Ultra, S23 Plus and iPhone 11 can be upgraded with a MagSafe magnet for only $5.99.
This helps increase the strength of the magnetic hold to your accessories. Our cases are also compatible with most wireless Qi chargers and will not impede charging.
Yes, you will! There is only 1 in the world like it, and once it is purchased it is pulled off of our website so that it can get into your hands.
We add more design each weekday, usually between 11am EST - 2pm EST
Yes, we offer a 1 year warranty on our products. Read more about our warranty program.
While we are always looking to add more devices to our family of cases, right now we are not able to take on custom requests or make cases for device types not listed here. Contact us if you have a phone type you think we should consider.
Yes, we do! We've partnered with Braverly to package each order in a beautiful canvas bag. Braverly provides safe, fair paying jobs to empower local women along the Thai/Burma border. Learn more here.