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Carved traveler cases protect your phone, 

while showing off your style.

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Sides + Corners


Front + Back Glass



How it Protects

There are 3 key design features that protect your phone, we made a quick video to show you how...

Protective Outer Shell

We use a material called TPU for the sides that is tough but flexible. When you drop your phone, it absorbs the impact but doesn't let it pass through easily to the phone itself. Each of the inside 4 corners has a little recessed pocket that helps provide additional impact absorption if your phone lands directly on a corner.

Extended Lip

The TPU sides of the case actually protrude a little bit past your front screen. So if your phone is facedown, the edges are touching the table, not the front glass. We do highly recommend a screen protector though! If you drop your phone onto a rock or sharp object and it lands on the face, it can easily break the exposed glass.

Camera Protection

We have another raised lip that surrounds all your camera lenses to help protect them against drops. If you are really worried about breaking your lenses, you can also buy camera lens protectors and most of them should be easily compatible with our cases.

Ready to protect your phone and look amazing!

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Is it right for you?

Our traveler case is perfect for the person who occasionally drops their phone from a 3-5 foot height. Still wondering if it’s right for you? Read what some of our happy customers had to say:

After a full year using this case, I can say it holds up! I've dropped, lightly thrown, worked out, ran, and pretty much put this case through a years test with my active lifestyle. It not only has held up but still looks fantastic! After the gym, a good Clorox wipe and the case is shiny and clean. Highly recommend this case and this company. Find a case you like and buy it - it's worth it!   

Christian I. - Verified Carved Customer

I'm so happy I found Carved. This is my third case from Carved. The quality is second to none. The case feels solid and my experience has shown it is very good at protecting the phone from drops and scrapes. I've not ever had a broken screen, knock on wood. Ha!

Rob T. - Verified Carved Customer

Probably have bought 4 or 5 cases from you over the past years. My husband and I always love the look of these cases. The cases are very well made and have always protected my phone when I drop it. And really just beautiful pieces of art!

Brenda S. - Verified Carved Customer

I had my first carved case three years ago and it last me those entire three years. Same phone. Same case. Same klutzy me. 100% protection and never a crack or break on my phone no matter how badly I dropped it.

Crystal P. - Verified Carved Customer

Absolutely love this phone case! I had one for my previous phone and knew I needed another Carved case. Gorgeous and detailed wood. I know this will protect my phone from drops because I dropped my last phone at least 3145 times and never had so much as a scratch. Highly recommend to you, your mother, and your pool boy.

Steph B. - Verified Carved Customer