Galaxy S10 Cases & Covers

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a phone that allows the user to customize nearly every aspect of the interface, so why not tailor the exterior as well? The Carved wooden Samsung Galaxy S10 cases will enable you to do just that!

The Carved protective wooden cases are as unique as you. A beautiful, one of a kind wooden case makes a statement while still being tough enough to protect your Galaxy from the tumbles and stumbles of everyday life. Whether you are running into the office, hiking your favorite trail, jet-setting across the country, or moshing to your favorite rock band, your iPhone is well protected (and fun to look at) in a Carved Wooden Case.

In today’s world, you spend a lot of time and money on your phone. And if you are like us it is almost always in your hand, on your desk, or visible in some capacity. For most of us, it is our camera, our calendar, a place we take notes, connect with friends, and the home to all of our favorite playlists. Phones are a lifeline. Protecting it is an absolute MUST, protecting it in style is a CHOICE and we make it easy at Carved with our handmade Wooden Cases. We have a selection of cases for every person’s style, and interests. In a world where everyone has a phone, and often the same phone, it never hurts to add a little personal touch to yours.

Check out our wide selection of protective wooden Samsung Galaxy S10 cases.