Galaxy S22 Wood+ResinTraveler Phone Cases

Our Galaxy S22 Phone cases are inspired by the beauty of our earth. Every wood + resin case is 1 of One and made at our shop in Elkhart, Indiana. Designed to perfectly fit and protect your Galaxy S22 (Change Phone).

RevaGalaxy S22
JayceGalaxy S22
FannyGalaxy S22
JamieGalaxy S22
AniahGalaxy S22
KellanGalaxy S22
JillianGalaxy S22
SalemGalaxy S22
MathiasGalaxy S22
RobbinGalaxy S22
KoreyGalaxy S22
CalistaGalaxy S22
CarleeGalaxy S22
GinaGalaxy S22
ViviannaGalaxy S22
MindyGalaxy S22
ChaceGalaxy S22
EboniGalaxy S22
LatishaGalaxy S22
DenverGalaxy S22
AryanaGalaxy S22
KaroleGalaxy S22
PaisleyGalaxy S22
MarcelGalaxy S22
KinsleeGalaxy S22
DrewGalaxy S22
ShayGalaxy S22
RobbinGalaxy S22
CorineGalaxy S22
AliyahGalaxy S22
JourneyGalaxy S22
MarcelGalaxy S22
LianaGalaxy S22
DyaneGalaxy S22
KoriGalaxy S22
StephenGalaxy S22
AzaleaGalaxy S22
HayleyGalaxy S22
KadynGalaxy S22
MordechaiGalaxy S22
LouannGalaxy S22
TrevonGalaxy S22
SanfordGalaxy S22
BurlGalaxy S22
BodeGalaxy S22
JoniGalaxy S22
AlaiyaGalaxy S22
RufusGalaxy S22
TiaraGalaxy S22
LyleGalaxy S22
AlexandroGalaxy S22
BlakeGalaxy S22
ElisabethGalaxy S22
DejahGalaxy S22
HectorGalaxy S22
MichellGalaxy S22
LouisaGalaxy S22
EmlynGalaxy S22
LegacyGalaxy S22
ChaseGalaxy S22

Can't find one you like? No more left??

Every product we make is one of a kind, made by our team in Elkhart, Indiana. We make more each day and post them here as we finish them. Our most popular pieces usually sell within minutes of being posted.

If you don't see anything today, check back tomorrow!

Don't settle for a boring Galaxy S22 case.

Get one made by an artist, using a combination of real burl wood and colored epoxy resin to create a piece of art.

We are super proud of our Galaxy S22 wood & resin protective cases and covers. Not just because they will help protect your Galaxy S22 if you drop it, but because they cover your phone with art.

Nowadays most cases are pretty boring. Most of them do a great job protecting your phone and you get to pick from black or maybe a couple other colors.

Not at Carved.

We gave up boring a long time ago. Every day we make 1 of a kind pieces. Don't see one you like? Check again in a few hours, or check again tomorrow. It's pretty much guaranteed you will see something new. Keep checking back until you find the perfect Galaxy S22 case!