Classic Wood+ResinBracelets

Our Carved bracelets are designed for the outdoors. Sweatproof, Anodized aluminum body, tough waxed cord and easily adjustable for most wrist sizes. Each one is unique and made at our shop in Elkhart, Indiana.

EricaClassic Bracelet
HowardClassic Bracelet
GabrielleClassic Bracelet
SierraClassic Bracelet
ArthurClassic Bracelet
AlmaClassic Bracelet
FredClassic Bracelet
JulieClassic Bracelet
ConnieClassic Bracelet
KehlaniClassic Bracelet
ShaylaClassic Bracelet
CaitlynClassic Bracelet
AshleeClassic Bracelet
DeborahClassic Bracelet
LeoClassic Bracelet
CortneyClassic Bracelet
LoriClassic Bracelet
DelbertClassic Bracelet
JulianaClassic Bracelet
TimClassic Bracelet
GideonClassic Bracelet
RaeganClassic Bracelet
DeniseClassic Bracelet
TierraClassic Bracelet
LulaClassic Bracelet
QuintonClassic Bracelet
AlisaClassic Bracelet
TonyClassic Bracelet
BryanClassic Bracelet
BernardClassic Bracelet
AddisynClassic Bracelet
MarkClassic Bracelet
AltaClassic Bracelet
MorrisClassic Bracelet
LuellaClassic Bracelet
AbbyClassic Bracelet
RemyClassic Bracelet
MarioClassic Bracelet
LizzieClassic Bracelet
KenyaClassic Bracelet
EliClassic Bracelet
CrewClassic Bracelet
MarcusClassic Bracelet
JulietteClassic Bracelet
VeraClassic Bracelet
EverleeClassic Bracelet
HattieClassic Bracelet
KennyClassic Bracelet
ChristyClassic Bracelet
EdenClassic Bracelet
OscarClassic Bracelet
CruzClassic Bracelet
HenryClassic Bracelet
EricClassic Bracelet
AshantiClassic Bracelet