Designed to last a lifetime.

We are proud to announce the Carved EDC Pocket Knife with Wood+Resin Inlay. Made from premium materials and designed to last a lifetime.

Pre-orders are still available. Order today and your knife will be available in late March. You will be able to pick the exact inlay you want. Pre-order is 100% refundable anytime until your order is shipped.

Made from premium materials.

A titanium handle gives our EDC knife a lightweight, but strong overall feel. The blade is made from 440C Stainless Steel, widely considered one of the best alloys for holding a sharp edge and maintaining exceptional strength over time. Our premium Wood+Resin inlay is made to survive a wide variety of weather conditions.

Every knife is assembled and tested at our shop in Elkhart, Indiana and is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Pre-Order Now

100% Refundable
Ships late March 2021


This Limited Release cannot be
combined with any other offers or orders.

All orders will be shipped on a first come, first serve basis.
Pre-orders placed today will be available in late March.



If we haven't answered your question here, just email our awesome support team at help@carved.com

When will this knife be available?

Our current production run will be available late March. We will email customers on a first come, first serve basis to pick the handle for your knife.

How can I buy one?

Simple click the Buy Now button above and fill in your payment information. That's it! You are now in line to get one of our amazing Carved EDC Pocket Knives.

How do I choose my inlay?

When our production run is complete, we will email you a link to pick from hundreds of different Wood+Resin inlays. Each one is unique and made at our shop. You just have to choose your inlay, and then tell us where to ship it. Once you pick your inlay, we'll assemble, test and ship your pocket knife.

Is it manual or assisted open?

This is a manual open knife. There is a flipper on the blade that helps you open it.

What are the dimensions and weight?

  • Blade only: 3" x 0.8" x 0.12"
  • Knife when closed: 4.13" x 1.1" x 0.46"
  • Knife when opened: 7.13" x 1.1" x 0.46"
  • Weight: 3 ounces (86 grams)

Why 440C Stainless Steel for the blade?

Ok, first of all, we realize that no choice of steel will make everyone happy. We feel that 440C Stainless Steel is a great all-around choice for this blade. It holds an edge well, has great corrosion resistance and is relatively easy to sharpen. We also find that it polishes up very nicely. For this blade, we think 440C strikes the perfect balance.

Is shipping free?

Orders within the USA will be shipped Standard USPS for free. International orders will have an additional $20 charge for UPS 3 Day Shipping.

Is this knife legal in my state/province/country?

We can't provide any legal advice for you so please check your local, state or country regulations regarding pocket knives before purchasing. Since it is not assisted open and the blade is only 3" long, there should not be very many restrictions on this knife but please double check if you are concerned.

What if I pre-order but then change my mind and don't want it anymore?

Your Pre-order is completely 100% refundable, right up until the time you choose your inlay. If you want a refund, just email or message our support team. Please remember that if you get a refund, you will lose your place in line

Will this pocket knife be available in the future?

We are working hard to make as many of these as we can but this is definitely a Limited Release. If we sell to our limit, we will stop taking pre-orders until our production team is able to get caught up again.

What happened to the Damascus Steel version?

We are still hoping to have a Damascus Steel Edition of this pocket knife but we are currently having challenges finding suppliers who are able to provide our volume. If you are a knifemaker or know someone who is able to make Damascus Steel blades, please contact us! We'd love to work with you on this or a future collaboration.