Hand holding a Carved Live Edge Wallet

Coming Soon! Live EdgeWallet

Why settle for a wallet that's like every other wallet in the world? The Carved Live Edge Wallet offers you simplicity and style in one perfectly engineered design.

No screws. No tiny metal plates. Just beautiful, streamlined design created from wood burl and resin, each piece a singular work of art.

Live Edge Wallet features

Made at our shop in our Elkhart, Indiana, each Live Edge Wallet is as unique as you.

  • Minimal DesignIf you need to carry coins and receipts from last Christmas, this wallet isn't for you. It perfectly does what a modern wallet should do.
  • Durable and StylishThis wallet has been designed to be tough and durable without looking like a mech from 3050. Each one is completely unique.
  • Stores what you needYou can easily store 1-10 cards + cash. We tested it all the way up to 15 cards and it works fine. But that's a silly amount of cards.

A single, ultra-tough band holds it all together.

Live Edge Wallet parts
Live Edge Wallet features

We sent a few prototypes to previous Alloy Wallet customers to see what they thought...

I have been using the live edge wallet since it arrived. I LOVE the look and feel to it. Even my husband wants one (he told me to tell you 😂). I like how slim it is. And the aesthetics are gorgeous. So you better believe when you make these for sale I'll be buying more of these!
Hi John, Thank you for sending me your prototype wallet. I just received it and my first impression is WOW! It's just beautiful. Both the fit and finish are excellent. It appears the elastic straps are more heavy duty which is a big plus. I'm always fearful that the straps on my current wallets may break.
Just received the wallet and man I am impressed with the design!!! It's so sleek and looks and feels good as well! I can't wait to start using it! Thanks again!
Live Edge Wallet sitting on desk by keyboard
Live Edge Wallet with metal front