iPhone 14 Wood+ResinTraveler Phone Cases - Black & White

Our iPhone 14 Phone cases are inspired by the beauty of our earth. Every wood + resin case is 1 of One and made at our shop in Elkhart, Indiana. Designed to perfectly fit and protect your iPhone 14 (Change Phone).

LashawniPhone 14
AniahiPhone 14
FayiPhone 14
ChaceiPhone 14
RobbiniPhone 14
MordechaiiPhone 14
BlakeiPhone 14
TiffanyiPhone 14
GayeiPhone 14
ZahraiPhone 14
AmaliaiPhone 14
CyndiiPhone 14
HankiPhone 14
SharyniPhone 14
RosannaiPhone 14
GarrisoniPhone 14
SaharaiPhone 14
AbdieliPhone 14
AddelyniPhone 14
LoriiPhone 14

Can't find one you like? No more left??

Every product we make is one of a kind, made by our team in Elkhart, Indiana. We make more each day and post them here as we finish them. Our most popular pieces usually sell within minutes of being posted.

If you don't see anything today, check back tomorrow!