EDC Wood+ResinPocket Knives

A small pocket knife for your everyday carry (EDC) toolkit. A unique blend of tough, functional, and beautiful, these EDC knives are built with a titanium handle, Damascus stainless steel blade, and wood+resin inlay. Designed & assembled in Indiana by the Carved team.

KimberlyEDC Pocket Knife
ValeriaEDC Pocket Knife
EmilioEDC Pocket Knife
MirandaEDC Pocket Knife
EmersynEDC Pocket Knife
DestineeEDC Pocket Knife
CathleenEDC Pocket Knife
PamEDC Pocket Knife
MiriamEDC Pocket Knife
LacyEDC Pocket Knife
RogerEDC Pocket Knife
HallieEDC Pocket Knife
OpheliaEDC Pocket Knife
EastonEDC Pocket Knife
ByronEDC Pocket Knife
MableEDC Pocket Knife
ArnoldEDC Pocket Knife

Everyday Carry Pocket Knives

Compact & Reliable Tools for Everyday Tasks

EDC pocket knives are your handy sidekick for tasks as simple as tightening a loose screw to cutting a fishing line out in the wild, and everything in between. But Carved knives aren't like the rest…

The compact folding blade fits comfortably in your pocket or EDC pack, and features a frame lock for safe storage and use. The razor sharp blade, made from Damascus stainless steel, is exceptionally strong & durable compared to other blade materials. Each blade is forged by hand from multiple layers of steel, producing a razor sharp blade that doesn't dull over time. And when you get caught out in the elements, your pocket knife won't fail you - the steel is resistant against rust & corrosion.

Just like the steel blade itself, the handle & locking mechanisms are lightweight and water resistant. Whether you're opening a package, cutting rope, cleaning fish, or stripping a wood stick for your campfire, your EDC pocket knife will feel like a razor sharp extension of your hand, enabling you to precisely cut, sharpen, or trim to your needs.

Beautifully Unique Knives
Our beautiful pocket knives are built with titanium handles and Damascus stainless steel blades, the toughest combination that holds up against the wear & tear of your daily life. Finished with a wood & resin inlay, your Carved knife is truly unique, one of one. Designed by our team of artists & EDC practitioners in Indiana, the wood handle is filled with a colorful blend of resin, designed to look as natural as the world around you.