Classic Wood+ResinBracelets - Wood Burl

Our Carved bracelets are designed for the outdoors. Sweatproof, Anodized aluminum body, tough waxed cord and easily adjustable for most wrist sizes. Each one is unique and made at our shop in Elkhart, Indiana.

LorenaClassic Bracelet
HenryClassic Bracelet
LeeClassic Bracelet
WesleyClassic Bracelet
AndreaClassic Bracelet
TheoClassic Bracelet
ElsieClassic Bracelet
LeeClassic Bracelet
AlejandraClassic Bracelet
CatherineClassic Bracelet
DarlaClassic Bracelet
CoreyClassic Bracelet
CurtisClassic Bracelet
KathiClassic Bracelet
BryannaClassic Bracelet
SebastianClassic Bracelet
AlisonClassic Bracelet
ZacharyClassic Bracelet
PenelopeClassic Bracelet
EssieClassic Bracelet
BriannaClassic Bracelet
EverlyClassic Bracelet
JadaClassic Bracelet
DoraClassic Bracelet
JaxClassic Bracelet
KevinClassic Bracelet
DanteClassic Bracelet
JaneClassic Bracelet
SamanthaClassic Bracelet
DamianClassic Bracelet
MarcClassic Bracelet
RobbieClassic Bracelet
RoxanneClassic Bracelet
MarioClassic Bracelet
GlendaClassic Bracelet
JonasClassic Bracelet
AimeeClassic Bracelet
LukeClassic Bracelet
AyannaClassic Bracelet
ErnestClassic Bracelet
KrisClassic Bracelet
DwayneClassic Bracelet
EugeneClassic Bracelet
RebekahClassic Bracelet
KadeClassic Bracelet
BridgetClassic Bracelet