Classic Wood+ResinBracelets - Cosmos

Our Carved bracelets are designed for the outdoors. Sweatproof, Anodized aluminum body, tough waxed cord and easily adjustable for most wrist sizes. Each one is unique and made at our shop in Elkhart, Indiana.

KaiClassic Bracelet
KarinaClassic Bracelet
AlinaClassic Bracelet
TerrenceClassic Bracelet
ReeseClassic Bracelet
BillieClassic Bracelet
MikaelaClassic Bracelet
DellaClassic Bracelet
MarcusClassic Bracelet
MicheleClassic Bracelet
AltaClassic Bracelet
IndiaClassic Bracelet
CrystalClassic Bracelet
KarlClassic Bracelet
FredrickClassic Bracelet
EzekielClassic Bracelet
NoelClassic Bracelet
AliyahClassic Bracelet
SamanthaClassic Bracelet
ChristaClassic Bracelet
JuniperClassic Bracelet
KadenceClassic Bracelet
FarrahClassic Bracelet
ReeseClassic Bracelet
AlexandraClassic Bracelet
GraysonClassic Bracelet
AlyssaClassic Bracelet
KarsonClassic Bracelet
LindsayClassic Bracelet
MaudeClassic Bracelet