The Story Behind The Tetons 3D Bracelet

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How we turned one of our favorite national park memories into a 3D bracelet.


Work Trip Turned Inspo

Back in 2019, a few of us here at Carved (John, Alex, Gary and Liz) ventured out to Idaho Falls, Idaho for a work trip, which we of course turned into an adventure to Grand Teton National Park which wasn’t too far away.

Truth be told, if we weren’t making awesome wood + resin product during the week, we would definitely be going out and exploring all that the outdoors has to offer, including hiking, biking and trying to hit every National Park we can.

We had a lot of fun on that trip and it was quite the experience to see the Tetons in all it’s glory!

Always Inspired By Nature

It may sound a little cheesy, but literally - nature inspires us. We get to work with some incredible species of burls day in and day out, and we thrive on figuring out how to repurpose what nature has provided. We often name our products after national landmarks and places, and the entire concept of our wood + resin products was based on looking down at the earth from the perspective from a satellite.

Never Satisfied

We also like change. Well, we like keeping things fresh and no two days looking the same. That’s why everything we make is what we call 1 of One - completely one of a kind and unique. It allows us to continue to be creative and try new things, while providing our customers with something different on a daily basis.

3D Tetons Bracelet

Visiting the Tetons, plus our desire to honor nature and create new things, is what led us to create the 3D Tetons Bracelet. Gary, our Product Designer Extraordinare, came up with the idea of taking a topographical 3D map of the Tetons, cutting it into some of our burl wood, then placing it on one of our bracelets for a way to always be reminded of nature and a beautiful place.

When you first look at the bracelet, you might not know what it is or what it represents. But when you find out it’s a 3D map of the Tetons, it brings it full circle. We really like that and we hope others do too.  Plus, the ridges and texture are a nice texture which seems rare for bracelets to offer.


We launched the 3D Tetons bracelet through a limited edition drop of 300. We weren’t sure what to expect but we were floored - they sold out within 24 hours! As we speak, Gary and the team are working around the clock to perfectly craft each bracelet.

What’s Next

Whether you’re a loyal Carved customer or this is the first time you’ve heard of us - you can count on us always creating and coming up with new ideas. We hope to make more 3D bracelets of other places in the near future.

Have suggestions on which national park or place we should make a 3D bracelet of next? Let us know in the comments!

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