Does the Samsung Galaxy have MagSafe?

MagSafe is a great feature on the iPhones, but does your Galaxy phone have MagSafe? Nope. But we've got a solution for you!

When Apple released MagSafe for the iPhone 12, it was a great feature that enabled a wide array of accessories to be easily positioned and held on your phone.

Samsung Galaxy phones (and Google Pixel) do not have any magnets embedded inside them for accessory attachment. We don't know if the upcoming S23 will have an accessory magnet array inside it (at least we didn't know when this article was written).

However, we've made it possible to use MagSafe compatible accessories with our Galaxy S22 Live Edge cases!

S22 Live Edge Case


MagSafe accessories work with our Live Edge Cases!

Every one of our Galaxy Live Edge wood cases has an OEM MagSafe magnet embedded inside it. And it's perfectly positioned over the wireless charging receiver, so your MagSafe wireless charger will work great too.

Will the Galaxy S23 cases work with MagSafe wallets or chargers?

Yep! We are designing our S23 phone cases now and they will have the option for you to include a MagSafe compatible magnet inside them. So even though your S23 won't have magnets inside the phone, our case will add that functionality to them.

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