3 Proven Ways To Get The Most Travel (life) Out Of Your Carved Traveler Case.

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The truth is you bought a Carved Traveler case to protect your phone and to display a one-of-a-kind piece of art. But how do you take care of the case itself?

In this article, we spill the beans on how we recommend getting the most out of your case.

SPOILER... it's not what you think.

 Here we go:

1. Take your case somewhere new.

2. Always place your device face down.

3. Give your case a rest.


1. Take your case somewhere new.

We named this product the Traveler case for a reason. That reason pretty much goes without saying. But... Since you are here, we named it that so the case and more importantly, you, would travel. And I'm not talking about your daily commute.

I'm talking about adventure. Our Carved Traveler case loves to travel. If you can, we recommend, to travel to another country at least once every two years to keep your Traveler case working properly.

If you cannot travel to another country. Try another state/province, or city, or town, or village, or county, or a new street. Something. Anything. How will this help?

If you take my advice and travel someplace new, there is a certain percentage chance that you will see something inspiring. Something you want to remember. Then you will take your phone out of the "black hole" that is your pocket or purse and snap a photo. Dare I say, make a memory. Your Carved Traveler case likes this very much.


2. Always place your device face down.

A key feature of the Carved Traveler case that is often forgotten is the extended lip on the front side of the case. This lip is best maintained by being in contact with the surfaces around you. This way, you are always displaying that beautiful Wood+Resin.

When displayed face down your case will receive more compliments. This is key in maintaining and even elevating your case's image and self-confidence. We all know how much we enjoy a compliment. Your case will enjoy one too.


3. Give your case a rest.

This might be the only conventional "care tip" I give in this article. But it is going to sound like I'm trying to pull a fast one on you. I'm not.

To extend the life of your Carved Traveler case it is a good idea to have a second case that you can change into occasionally. This will allow your case to breathe a little. And you might notice a little dust or dirt around the edge of your case when changing it. If so, wipe the case on your pants and get on with life.

If you must, take a light soap/water mix and give your case a scrub. While we do fully stabilize every piece of wood before creating each case, it is a good idea to not fully saturate the wood portion of your case with water… duh! ;-)


*Bonus Tip* Give Your Case Away.

This may sound counter-intuitive, but if you ever get a chance to give your case away. Go for it! If someone compliments your case (see above) and they happen to have the same device as you. This is rare. Then insist they take the case. This may not extend the life of the case for you, but it starts a whole new life for your (well... their) case.


The Truth of the Matter

We designed the Carved Traveler case to need minimal (if any) extended care. It's strong, sleek, and one-of-a-kind. It offers unmatched quality and the perfect amount of protection. I’ve been wearing every version of the Traveler case we have ever released. And quite honestly, I just let the case do all the caring.

We do cover all our cases with a one-year warranty. If your adventures get too wild and something happens, get a hold of our customer service and we will take care of you.

Now take that Carved Traveler case and get travelin'!