Aloysia (633917) has been sold 😢

Sorry, this iPhone 14 Pro Max Phone Case has been sold. Our products are one of a kind and sometimes only last a few minutes after we release them.

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5 Star Review Absolutely amazing! This has got to be the best looking case I've ever owned. It feels great, looks great. MagSafe works great with the case on. I definitely recommend Carved to anyone looking! Nathaniel E.
5 Star Review Another gorgeous product from a great actual art piece. The detail in the case is worth it alone. Love it and have no regrets! Brock W.
5 Star Review Gorgeous. I have had live edges for a few years now. They keep getting better and better! I was blown away by this one. There's so many colors and dimensions to this case. Brooke B.
5 Star Review Beautiful piece of art. Extremely well made, fantastic coloring and craftsmanship. Worth every penny. Michael N.
5 Star Review This case is truly a piece of art. I have only had it on my new iPhone 14 pro max for a couple of days but have had many compliments. Very positive experience and the quality is beyond expectations. Thomas T.
5 Star Review This case is simply gorgeous. A lovely, natural feel to it, and it looks simply amazing. Looking forward to seeing this piece of art age with grace. Worth the price! Shane H.
5 Star Review Perfection. The coloration hits every note, the buttons are satisfyingly clicky. I've dropped my iPhone 13 Pro Max on pavement many times and my live edge case saved it every time with no issues. Xavier L.