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2023 Golden Ticket Event

We're thrilled to announce our 2023 Golden Ticket event, an exciting chance for you to win with each order you place at Carved.com! Each day, we'll secretly tuck a ticket (It could be Gold, Silver or Bronze) into one lucky customer's order.

September 12 through September 27

A new winner, each day!

3 Ticket Colors:

1 Ticket Per Day

Each day between September 12-27, we'll secretly tuck a ticket into one lucky Carved.com customer order. The more orders you place, the better your changes of finding the one and only Golden Ticket!

Golden Ticket Event Details
Each weekday from September 12 through September 27, one lucky winner will get a Gold, Silver or Bronze ticket placed in their order right before we ship it out. On Monday Sep 18 and Sep 25 we will choose three winners (one for Saturday, one for Sunday, one for Monday). The winners will be chosen from our packaged orders that are being shipped out that day.

Handmade Tickets
Each ticket is a collectors item by itself! The ticket is made by us and is a painted and laser engraved piece of wood.

Prize Info
1 Golden Ticket worth $1,200
5 Silver Tickets worth $400
10 Bronze Tickets worth $100

The Golden Ticket prize is $1,200 cash, enough to buy yourself a new iPhone 15 Pro! The recipient of the Golden Ticket needs to contact us to claim your prize. The prize will be paid in USD via check mailed to your address. You may be required to fill out additional information for tax purposes prior to receiving the prize.

The Silver Ticket prize is $400 Carved Cash, redeemable only at Carved.com.
The Bronze Ticket prize is $100 Carved Cash, redeemable only at Carved.com.

The Silver and Bronze tickets will have a unique code engraved onto them that you can redeem at Carved.com during checkout. This is a Gift Card that does not expire and can be given to someone else.

Are you feeling lucky??

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