Color Shifting Chameleon

Our Chameleon collection is made with a unique resin that color shifts in the light, creating an enchanting, almost mythical appearance. Imagine your phone glistening like dragon scales...

These were recently sold. If you see one you like, act quick because they go fast!
Lava Bead Wood+Resin Bracelet - Dorothea (Chameleon, 708616)SOLD
Classic Wood+Resin Bracelet - Malaysia (Chameleon, 708610)SOLD
Lava Bead Wood+Resin Bracelet - Hope (Chameleon, 708615)SOLD
Lava Bead Wood+Resin Bracelet - Ashton (Chameleon, 708620)SOLD
Classic Wood+Resin Bracelet - Kameron (Chameleon, 708618)SOLD
Classic Wood+Resin Bracelet - Renee (Chameleon, 708622)SOLD
Classic Wood+Resin Bracelet - Payton (Chameleon, 708623)SOLD
Lava Bead Wood+Resin Bracelet - Jayceon (Chameleon, 708617)SOLD
iPhone 12 Pro Wood+Resin Phone Case - Peter (Chameleon, 706620)SOLD
Classic Wood+Resin Bracelet - Mamie (Chameleon, 708619)SOLD
iPhone 12 Pro Wood+Resin Phone Case - Ron (Chameleon, 706611)SOLD
Classic Wood+Resin Bracelet - Stuart (Chameleon, 708611)SOLD
Galaxy S24 Ultra Wood+Resin Phone Case - Hope (Chameleon, 706604)SOLD
Lava Bead Wood+Resin Bracelet - Shannon (Chameleon, 708612)SOLD
Lava Bead Wood+Resin Bracelet - Camron (Chameleon, 708624)SOLD
iPhone 12 Wood+Resin Phone Case - Maximus (Chameleon, 706559)SOLD
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