Damascus Steel Blade
Wood+Resin Handle
Leather Sheath

Pre-orders are now closed.

100% Unique, 100% USA Made.

Carved Knives are hand forged, ground and sharpened Damascus Steel blades, matched with our one-of-a-kind Wood+Resin material that guarantees no one will have a knife like yours. We have gone to great lengths to ensure the quality of this blade will last a lifetime and is something that you will be proud to pass on.

We use 1084 and 15N20 steel that is heated and forged in a twist pattern, resulting in an incredibly hard knife that will keep a nice, sharp edge. The handle is cut from wood burls, mixed with resin, then formed, sanded and polished to a mirror-like finish. Each knife comes with a sheath made from American, English bridle, 8-10oz black leather.

Our Pre-Orders are currently closed. We have had an overwhelming response to our Damascus Knives and want to ensure that we are able to provide a premium quality product to everyone who has pre-ordered.

We expect to have all pre-orders complete by the beginning of March and will then have some knives available for sale. These knives will be available for purchase from CarvedKnives.com.

Pre-orders are now closed.


We designed two different styles...

Damascus Hunting Knife - $399

This 9" fixed blade knife is our custom design that was made for those who seek adventure, who seek a story, and a legacy. It is a survival knife that will hold up to the toughest conditions one can endure. While we hope your adventures lead you to incredible places, we also hope you never have to face peril that requires this type of survival mentality. But in the event that you do, we wanted a knife that will not fail you.


Damascus Field Knife - $249

This 8" fixed blade is your all purpose field knife. Designed to provide versatility and function for everyday situations. This knife perfectly goes from the city to the mountains, field and streams. Its smaller design makes it easier to perform useful tasks wherever you may find yourself. Whether camping in the hill country, backpacking through the wilderness or scaling the heights, this rugged field knife is your perfect sidekick.


Forged Damascus Steel
Resin & Burl Handle
Razor Sharp Blade
Damascus Steel Hunting Knife with Wood Resin Handle

American, English Bridle, 8-10oz Black Leather Sheath