OG Cases by Carved

We're bringing back the memories from when we first started Carved. These are some of the very first pieces of wood we made our cases from. Like a finely aged bourbon, Walnut Burl only gets better with time.

This is where it all started...

5 Star Review Yes! Thats how I found you guys and I much prefer this over the resin cases. Ive been hoping these would come back!
5 Star Review I like the epoxy stuff but simple wood with some designs brings it back for me.
5 Star Review Of course I remember these originals, even without the 1 of 1 resin art to accompany it, the cases were still great pieces of art.
5 Star Review I owned a couple of walnut burl cases over the years. Always received compliments on my phone case when I did.
5 Star Review I preferred the wood cases. I am not a fan of the new designs, so I stopped purchasing when the wood designs were discontinued.
5 Star Review The first case I ever bought from you was the puzzle one. I’ve owned maybe 100 cases, and that one remains my favorite! Please please please consider bringing it back?
5 Star Review Yes! I still have a Walnut one and a Cedar one for my old Galaxy S9 Plus in my random, phone stuff drawer.
5 Star Review I was a bit disappointed when you stopped offering these types of cases when you started the epoxy cases, glad you are hopefully bringing them back!
5 Star Review First wood case that was USA made that I came across.
5 Star Review Yes! I started ordering from your company in its very early years and tell everyone about them!!!
5 Star Review I had an Ebony on my S7, an Eastern Red Cedar on my S10e, and loved them! I really like my current wood
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