iPhone 14 Pro Wood+ResinLive Edge Phone Cases

Our iPhone 14 Pro Live Edge cases are simply amazing. We start with a unique piece of burl wood and transform it into a unique piece of art, perfectly shaped to fit and protect your iPhone 14 Pro. Every case is one of a kind and made at our shop in Elkhart, Indiana. (Change Device)

AmiasiPhone 14 Pro
SoniaiPhone 14 Pro
LeightoniPhone 14 Pro
PaigeiPhone 14 Pro
NanciiPhone 14 Pro
MargaretiPhone 14 Pro
ZylaiPhone 14 Pro
JacqueiPhone 14 Pro
ElodieiPhone 14 Pro
MirandaiPhone 14 Pro
TimmyiPhone 14 Pro
MarliniPhone 14 Pro
JimiPhone 14 Pro
JeroldiPhone 14 Pro
AlexysiPhone 14 Pro
ZackeryiPhone 14 Pro
DeneeniPhone 14 Pro
YahairaiPhone 14 Pro
JericaiPhone 14 Pro
MarceliPhone 14 Pro
GaeliPhone 14 Pro
YaritzaiPhone 14 Pro
JamarioniPhone 14 Pro
RethaiPhone 14 Pro
JayliniPhone 14 Pro
NiklausiPhone 14 Pro
NariahiPhone 14 Pro
EveliniPhone 14 Pro
MiahiPhone 14 Pro
CheryleiPhone 14 Pro
RoyaltyiPhone 14 Pro

Can't find one you like? No more left??

Every product we make is one of a kind, made by our team in Elkhart, Indiana. We make more each day and post them here as we finish them. Our most popular pieces usually sell within minutes of being posted.

If you don't see anything today, check back tomorrow!