Classic Wood+ResinBracelets - Red

Our Carved bracelets are designed for the outdoors. Sweatproof, Anodized aluminum body, tough waxed cord and easily adjustable for most wrist sizes. Each one is unique and made at our shop in Elkhart, Indiana.

IeshaClassic Bracelet
JasleneClassic Bracelet
LuellaClassic Bracelet
HildaClassic Bracelet
DallasClassic Bracelet
GiaClassic Bracelet
EvieClassic Bracelet
JarrettClassic Bracelet
CeliaClassic Bracelet
TimothyClassic Bracelet
BelindaClassic Bracelet
AlessandraClassic Bracelet
ErnestineClassic Bracelet
GladysClassic Bracelet
TyClassic Bracelet
BrookeClassic Bracelet
DelorisClassic Bracelet
NatalyClassic Bracelet
JermaineClassic Bracelet
MadisynClassic Bracelet
BrianneClassic Bracelet
MaggieClassic Bracelet
EvangelineClassic Bracelet
CarolineClassic Bracelet
JuneClassic Bracelet
EmilianoClassic Bracelet
JanClassic Bracelet
EleanorClassic Bracelet
KaileyClassic Bracelet
CharlieClassic Bracelet
ElizabethClassic Bracelet
BernadetteClassic Bracelet
BlairClassic Bracelet
DonnieClassic Bracelet
HeathClassic Bracelet
AlvinClassic Bracelet