Classic Wood+ResinBracelets - Pure Black

Our Carved bracelets are designed for the outdoors. Sweatproof, Anodized aluminum body, tough waxed cord and easily adjustable for most wrist sizes. Each one is unique and made at our shop in Elkhart, Indiana.

ImaniClassic Bracelet
BobbieClassic Bracelet
SueClassic Bracelet
GuyClassic Bracelet
ArielleClassic Bracelet
AbelClassic Bracelet
ElaineClassic Bracelet
IvyClassic Bracelet
LarryClassic Bracelet
KatrinaClassic Bracelet
MarquisClassic Bracelet
IeshaClassic Bracelet
TabithaClassic Bracelet
XimenaClassic Bracelet
VickyClassic Bracelet
GunnerClassic Bracelet
ScarletClassic Bracelet
HallieClassic Bracelet
BlairClassic Bracelet
JeanClassic Bracelet
JillClassic Bracelet
JarrettClassic Bracelet
DelbertClassic Bracelet
DamianClassic Bracelet
MabelClassic Bracelet
AdeleClassic Bracelet
EllaClassic Bracelet
TobyClassic Bracelet
JimmyClassic Bracelet
JourneyClassic Bracelet
WilburClassic Bracelet
LoreneClassic Bracelet
JarrettClassic Bracelet
WoodrowClassic Bracelet
EdnaClassic Bracelet
MarioClassic Bracelet
RandyClassic Bracelet
ElaineClassic Bracelet
JosephineClassic Bracelet