Circle Wireless Chargers - All 2020

Circle Wood+ResinWireless Chargers

Perfectly simple, MagSafe compatible, USB-C, 1 of a kind Wireless Qi charger. CNC machined aluminum body. Every Wood+Resin inlay is unique and made at our shop in Elkhart, Indiana.

ParisCircle Wireless Charger
LeslieCircle Wireless Charger
AvianaCircle Wireless Charger
SkylerCircle Wireless Charger
ManuelCircle Wireless Charger
LonnieCircle Wireless Charger
BrantleyCircle Wireless Charger
MayCircle Wireless Charger
AnnikaCircle Wireless Charger
TerenceCircle Wireless Charger
JuanCircle Wireless Charger
KariCircle Wireless Charger
CarolinaCircle Wireless Charger
GiovanniCircle Wireless Charger
MayCircle Wireless Charger

Frequently Asked Questions

Our chargers are MagSafe and Qi compatiable. They will work with any phone that has wireless charging capabilities. (iPhone 8 and newer, Samsung S7 and newer, etc)
Yes, we have tested our Traveler and Live Edge cases and they are able to charge through the case.
The plug is not included but you can easily choose a plug as an add-on!
Yes, you will! There is only 1 in the world like it, and once it is purchased it is pulled off of our website so that it can get into your hands.
We add more design each weekday, usually between 11am EST - 2pm EST
Yes, we offer a 1 year warranty on our products. Read more about our warranty program.
Yes, we do! We've partnered with Braverly to package each order in a beautiful canvas bag. Braverly provides safe, fair paying jobs to empower local women along the Thai/Burma border. Learn more about Braverly.