What is ASMR and How We Bake Fresh Wood + Resin Slices Daily

What do crinkling wrappers, tapping on objects, and even the video below have in common? They are forms of ASMR. Learn more about how we use ASMR to bake up fresh slices of wood + resin items.

What do crinkling wrappers, tapping on objects, and even the video above all have in common? They are forms of ASMR - a growing trend (usually on the internet through videos) that stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It's usually experienced through an auditory and visual stimuli of common or even unusual processes, but possess weirdly satisfying and even calming effects on our neurotransmitters.

In the post, we'll break down what ASMR is, why it's a growing trend, and how we use ASMR aspects in what we create daily: fresh wood + resin phone cases, wallets, bracelets and more.

What is ASMR?

If you are a devoted fan of The Office like us, you may remember the episode where Dwight tries to calm down Michael by using the method above. This is essentially what ASMR is - a phenomenon that can trigger body tingles when listening to certain sounds or viewing certain images.

The end result of the visual and auditory experience is usually tingles, chills, or a feeling of calmness due to the familiar feeling and nature of the experience.

In the video at the top of this post, you may find familiarity with making dough (please tell us we weren't the only ones baking bread last year!) - possibly feeling the flour in your hands or the stickiness of the eggs.

In contrast, it can also make you hungry. Have you ever watched someone prepare a meal on YouTube and felt like your stomach was grumbling? This too is also a form of ASMR.

Why Is ASMR a growing trend?

While we're not doctors nor psychologists, we do know that this past year has been trying due to the pandemic. We'd like to think that the rise in ASMR interest could possibly be due to a longing to feel connected, particularly to our senses and to feelings that we've experienced before that might be comforting. Also, we think it's interesting to watch and see people get creative with ASMR videos! We've even made a few that you can view here and here.

How we use ASMR in our creations

Here at Carved, we take wood burls and resin and transform them into one of a kind phone cases, wallets, chargers and bracelets. We do this all from our shop in Elkhart, Indiana. Throughout the day, you'll hear sawblades chopping wood, our artists pouring swirls of resin, hand sanding of our slices, and probably even some laughter from our team members eating lunch together in the break room.

We like to take these sounds and sights that seem like second nature to us and share them with you. We hope it makes you feel like you're right alongside us, experiencing what we experience when we make these wood + resin items.

So while we don't necessarily "bake" a phone case from some flour (fooled ya! Ok, maybe not), we are appreciators of ASMR, love doing something new everyday, and enjoy giving you an inside look into our process.