Turning Tony Hawk's Old Skateboards to Phone Cases

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Everyone needs a phone case - even skateboard legend Tony Hawk. We took his used skateboards and turned them into one of a kind phone cases, just for him.

Tony Hawk is the undisputed king of skateboarding. He started skating when he was 9 years old and has since won a ton of medals, broken world records, and who HASN’T played Tony Hawk Pro Skater? For some of us at Carved, it was the soundtrack to our youth.

Most importantly, The Tony Hawk Foundation (now called The Skatepark Project) supports the youth by providing legal, safe and inclusive places to skate.

For us at Carved, Tony has been a customer of ours for several years. We are honored to work with passionate people, and Tony is no exception. He found us through our Sk8 deck cases and although we’ve retired those cases to focus on 1 of one kind, wood + resin designs, we always look forward to creating a memorable case just for Tony.

Last year, we pitched him the idea of taking some of his actual used boards and turning them into a case. A few weeks later, we received a couple of decks at our shop.


We were excited, but nervous. When working with natural materials, there’s always a risk of unexpected surprises. That pressure felt more serious when working with limited material, especially ones so special. But our product designer, Gary, was more than up for the task.

Gary and the rest of our production team got to work and spent a whole week working on Tony’s cases. The team cut down the boards and did endless gluing, sanding, stabilizing to get it just right. After that, it went to the CNC machine to get perfectly cut for his device type of choice. The finished products turned out amazing and got Tony's seal of approval!

We can’t thank Tony enough for trusting us to make cases for him, especially from his own used boards. And without asking, he even included a signed board for us to display at our shop. Thank you, Tony!