Wood + Resin Summer Color Battle

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When our customers ask us for a change of pace in colors, we take it as a challenge to get creative. We made two brand new color combinations and had our customers vote on their favorite. Find out which combination won.

One of the most common requests we get here at Carved is "make cases of THIS color!" or "when will you offer THAT color?".

While we have our standard color offerings which consist of ocean-y blues, deep reds, dark pure black and even graffiti inspired designs, we always get requests for colors like orange, glow in the dark, lighter shades of what we offer, darker shades of what we offer, and so forth.

While we can't make every color under the sun, we did want to offer up two potential candidates for a new color offering, and leave it up to our customers to vote on which one is their favorite. But first, we wanted to pick a theme that inspired the selections.


With hundreds of colors to choose from, it can sometimes be intimidating to move forward with a new color offering. In art, sometimes a theme or a feeling can spark an amazing collection of ideas. So, we chose to sit in the season we're in and go with a summer theme.

Our talented wood + resin artists quickly got to work and tapped into what they enjoy most about summer, telling that story through their resin creations.


From there, we narrowed it down to two selections. The first is an orange / yellow mix inspired by the light and brightness of summer days. The second is a multi colored option, inspired by summer carnivals and tie dye attire. We think we both looked amazing, but ultimately it would be up to our customers to choose which one we would move forward with.


We quickly emailed our customer base as well as posted on social media for votes and what we should name the collection. We decided that whichever option received the most votes, would be a limited edition color drop of phone cases, wallets, chargers and bracelets.

We received THOUSANDS of responses and were overwhelmed by the engagement and feedback provided - it was awesome! We left it open for a week, and the color that got the most votes was...


The orange / yellow combination is the winner! We will be calling this limited edition collection "Sunburst" - as an ode to the awesome summer sky. We made a few different variations of the color combination, so you're sure to find something you like.

The collection is available now but is extremely limited! Be sure to check it out here and snag something before they're gone.

What color should we make next? Comment below to let us know!