One Last Adventure at Mount Rainier National Park

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With winter upon us, Carved employees Alex and Rodrigo couldn’t resist the call for one last adventure before the snow sets in.

Mount rainier

Alex and Rodrigo ventured from Indiana to Washington to explore Mount Rainier National Park and brought their trusty Carved wood + resin wallets and cases with them.

Packing List

With heading to Washington in late October, we knew it was going to be cold. Our packing list consisted of warm clothing, photography gear and of course, our Carved cases and wallets.

  • Warm clothing
  • Carved traveler case
  • Carved alloy wallet
  • Canon 90 D camera
  • 24-70mm 2.8 L-Lens
  • 70-200mm 2.8 L-Lens
  • Zecti canvas bag

Travel day photo

Travel Day

We had about a 2 hour drive from home to the airport, then a 4 hour flight to Seattle. We arrived in the Pacific Northwest excited to explore, yet a bit exhausted and trying to familiarize ourselves in a new area.

Since we only had a few days in Washington, we decided to drive 3 hours to our 1st hike at Cascade Pass Trail so that we could take advantage of every moment. We huffed it to get as far as we could, but we didn't even make it to the trail head! We turned back because of the dark night sky that was only lit by a few stars overhead. Embarrassed about how far behind schedule we were, we knew that at least tomorrow is another chance.

Mountain range in washington


The next day, we headed to Mt. Rainier National Park to hike, taking on the Burroughs Mountain Loop Trail. As we were well into our hike, a beautiful fat snow began to gracefully fall. The higher we got, the more accumulation there was. As we were making our way to Burrough number 2, we met some friendly travelers who said they turned back due to visibility issues. We thought we could at least make it as far as they did then make a decision at that point.

Well, we did! We saw exactly where their tracks stopped. We felt great and the sky started to clear up. However, we couldn't see any trail and I will admit, there was a voice in my head (most likely my wife's voice) saying, "that might not be a good idea." But the top looked so close and we had come so far. We pressed on. It never really cleared up all that much. Every once in a while we'd see amazing glimpses of what was around us.

When we finally reached the top, we celebrated with a Clif Bar and some water. Somehow we had cell service, so we Facetimed some folks to show them what we could see. The funny part is, we couldn't really see much. We were surrounded by a cloud of light. It was warm. I think more than anything it just felt great and we wanted to share that as much as we could.

Once we decided to head back, the clouds parted just enough to show us that we weren't at the top. Gasp! We had a good laugh then headed back down the mountain. That day we hiked a total of 15 miles and we were completely exhausted. We spent our last day checking out Seattle and hope to go back soon!

Seattle Space Needle Photo

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