How the Earth Inspires Our Work Every Day.

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At Carved, creation itself is our number one source of true inspiration. Read about our journey of earth-inspired taglines.

Wood with a Story

It all starts with our raw goods. Wood burls. We used to use the tagline “wood with a story” for years. It’s a great tagline - because it’s true. Each and every piece of wood is unique. The grain pattern of each piece tells its own story. Working with burls that story often reads like a Dan Brown adventure, mystery, thriller novel.

The twists, knots, voids, and the occasional worm keep you guessing what each piece is going to look like. We love watching the discoloration set in as we dry, stabilize and cut each piece of wood. Seeing the beauty right in front of us keeps us inspired to create new products every day.

Naturally Unique

Naturally Unique caught on around Carved when we launched into pop-up shows and craft fairs. I remember trying to learn how to merchandise our products with signs showing how naturally unique all of our products are. 

The fact of the matter is, nature is the real artist here. Again, we are just blessed enough to get to partner with such an infinite supply of designs.

Satellite Series

The tagline Satellite Series was probably the easiest or most naturally born tagline in Carved history. When we received the first wood and resin block we had ever seen, we immediately thought we were looking down on a part of the earth. A picture where the wood represented the land or coastline and the resin represents the ocean. 

Imagining all the beauty of this earth from that perspective of a satellite looking down on the earth instantly connected with us and our customers. On multiple occasions, I’ve had customers explain to me the region or coastline they saw in their case and how it reminded them of a “picture from above”.

Inspired by Nature

It’s been about two years now since we fully committed to focus all our energy on wood and resin. Yes, it was a difficult move to make. We had a blast over the years making a wide range of products. But there was a day when we knew it was time to focus on the wood + resin art.

It was that move that led us to not only be inspired by the wood from nature but the broader landscapes of the earth. Exploring the endless possibilities of resin color combinations gave us the ability to design art that truly looked like the nature around us.

One of 1

Today, everything we make is completely one of a kind. We photograph each piece of art we make. What you see on our website is exactly what you get. We love to create new products. So much so, that we don’t just want to do it once, then sell thousands of that thing. We want to make thousands of things and sell each one.

Free Earth Day 2021 Bracelet

There is only one me, and only one you… and we, only got this one earth. Let’s be mindful to be kind to each other, protective of nature, and inspired to create. As a way to say, "thank you" and to help each of you stay inspired by creation we are giving away our brand new Earth Day 2021 bracelet with any order (just add to cart).