Handmade Bags: How Carved Connects to its One of 1 Mission

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We've teamed with non-profit organization Braverly to provide packaging with a purpose, while helping to empower women on the Thailand/Myanmar border.

One of 1 Spotlight: Braverly

We want to work alongside people who are proud of their uniqueness. We want to work with suppliers who believe like we do, that our planet needs to be cared for because it is the only one like it.

That is why we are so proud to work with Braverly!

Who is Braverly?

Live brave. Dream bravely. Influence bravery.

Braverly is a cafe and sewing center located in Mae Sot, Thailand, that exists to empower women from different people groups on the Thailand/Myanmar border to live past their fears in order to walk in confidence and truth.

Braverly is a space that cultivates creativity and encourages women to create, to dream, to learn, and to try new things–whether it’s through baking, making drinks, or developing products that are sold in Mae Sot and the U.S. At Braverly, they believe each woman was not created to simply survive day-to-day. They were created to thrive, dream, and experience fullness of life.

How did Carved meet Braverly?

Inside the beautiful 100-year-old brick building we get to work in every day we have a coffee shop. A coffee shop called Steelyard Coffee Co., check them out @steelyardcoffeeco). And in that coffee shop works a wonderful woman named Tera. (Hang with me) Tera’s daughter Kayla lives in Thailand and started Braverly. 

When our owner and founder John learned of this amazing connection right in our (his) own building, it wasn’t long before he asked if Braverly could design us some packaging that had a purpose. 

The Perfect Bag

Kayla and her team at Braverly got to work right away and we were blown away with the results. In just a few weeks, they designed the perfect bag. A simple, yet tough, white canvas beautifully accented with a one-of-one, locally made, strip of colorful fabric sewn onto the front of each bag. We fell in love with the design.

Soon John and Kayla had worked out a deal to purchase our product packaging from the hard-working women of Braverly.

Why Braverly?

Braverly values the uniqueness of every woman they get to work with. And we value what they value. Our purchase of these bags each month enables Braverly to hire more local women. And that is a big deal to us. Selling one of 1 products is cool but to have the opportunity to impact another one of 1 human being… that is worth coming to work everyday!

We consider it a great honor and privilege to get to work with Kayla and all the women at Braverly. And we know this is something that all of you, our customers, will value as well. That is why the Braverly Bag is not just a product on our website. 

The Braverly bag IS our packaging.

You will get one when you order from us. We will also make it available to be purchased directly, as a way to further support this beautiful partnership. Finally, I just want to say "Thank You". Thank you to all of our customers for making it possible to not only employ a great team here in Elkhart, but to give us a chance to impact lives around the world.