Do you need a MagSafe case?

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A MagSafe phone case (or MagSafe "enabled") will have an OEM magnet array inside it that will help strengthen your attachment to your other MagSafe accessories like a wallet or wireless charger. MagSafe is a trademark of Apple but commonly refers to a circular magnet inside the phone.

Without a MagSafe enabled case, the magnets in your phone will be farther from the accessory and the magnetic hold won't be as strong. With a MagSafe case, you can confidently set your phone down to charge, quickly. 


What is a MagSafe charger?

MagSafe, in its simplest definition, is a safe way to use magnets in the charging of your device. Apple first invented MagSafe as an improvement for the way to charge the MacBook. Instead of a cord that plugs into the laptop, the connection is made with a magnetic attachment, hence the name. And every time I’ve tripped over that cord since, I love the MagSafe concept even more.

With the release of the iPhone 12, the latest version of this concept comes to life for mobile. Built into the new iPhone 12 line is a series of magnets that encircle the wireless charging coil. When paired with a MagSafe compatible charger, the two devices lock together to improve the wireless charging experience. MagSafe is also included in the iPhone 13, 14, and 15, along with Qi2 wireless charging).

Where is the MagSafe magnet?

If you are thinking, “okay smart guy… but where is the MagSafe magnet?” Good question, let me explain. Within the iPhone itself, the 18 magnets are arranged in a ring shape that’s located under the wireless charging coil. Similarly, MagSafe phone cases contain a similar array of magnets that when connected to those in the phone, enables secure, high-speed charging. 

Will my non-MagSafe case still charge?

I can’t speak for non-Carved cases, but, “yes,” our non-MagSafe Carved cases still allow the iPhone 14/13/12 to “snap” into place atop a MagSafe charger. Not quite as strong a “snap” but still good. We made a little video to show you the difference. Check it out.


Do all iPhones come with MagSafe?

Currently, MagSafe charging is a feature of the iPhone 12, 13, 14 and models, as well as the newest iPhone 15 models. It’s also present in AirPod Pros, 2nd & 3rd-generation AirPods, and MacBook Pros made before 2016 and after 2021.

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Apple’s proprietary charging technology is exclusive to Apple products, meaning it’s not available for Samsung Galaxy devices like the 23. Fortunately, we have a solution for that too.

Benefits of Carved MagSafe Cases

At Carved, we wanted to expand the benefits of MagSafe. Remember all those iPhone 11 phones that have wireless charging capability, but not the MagSafe internal magnets? They charge wirelessly, but sometimes slip off the charger, causing your battery to stop charging. We went back and redesigned our iPhone 11 cases to include magnets. Now, if you have an iPhone 11 with a Carved MagSafe case, you have MagSafe functionality. It won’t be as strong as the iPhone 12/13/14/15 with a MagSafe case, but it does maintain a secure charging connection.

At Carved, we are all about that one-of-one look. We think your phone case should be as unique as you are. But we also want the case to do more than just look good, it should function well.

So, do you “need” a MagSafe case? “Need” is a strong word… but we guarantee if you get a Carved MagSafe case you will love it! And your phone will stay charged. 

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