Wood Resin Art - Watercolor - Carved

Inspired by the colors and textures of a watercolor painting. The seamless blend of dyes, pigments and epoxy resin create a visual spectacle that offers a new dimension to traditional watercolor aesthetics.

ach one is a piece of art, made by our artists in Elkhart, Indiana. Find your perfect painting today...

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Galaxy S23 Ultra ResinArt Phone Case - Wilson (Watercolor, 671174)SOLD
iPhone 14 Pro ResinArt Phone Case - Dallas (Watercolor, 679134)SOLD
iPhone 15 Pro ResinArt Phone Case - Cindy (Watercolor, 665740)SOLD
iPhone 13 ResinArt Phone Case - Thomas (Watercolor, 669215)SOLD
Circle ResinArt Wireless Charger - Katina (Watercolor, 671832)SOLD
iPhone 15 Pro ResinArt Phone Case - Kevin (Watercolor, 667085)SOLD
Galaxy S22 Ultra ResinArt Phone Case - Sherlyn (Watercolor, 655874)SOLD
iPhone 15 Pro Max Wood+Resin Phone Case - Gary (Watercolor, 662042)SOLD
iPhone 15 Pro Max ResinArt Phone Case - Jayleen (Watercolor, 658850)SOLD
iPhone 15 Pro Max ResinArt Phone Case - Kadence (Watercolor, 658860)SOLD
Galaxy S24 Ultra Wood+Resin Phone Case - Armando (Watercolor, 699704)SOLD
iPhone 14 Wood+Resin Phone Case - Kameron (Watercolor, 699703)SOLD
iPhone 12 ResinArt Phone Case - Alicia (Watercolor, 693709)SOLD
iPhone 15 Pro Wood+Resin Phone Case - Sam (Watercolor, 699701)SOLD
iPhone 15 Pro Wood+Resin Phone Case - Arielle (Watercolor, 699705)SOLD
Onyx Bead ResinArt Bracelet - Dante (Watercolor, 699216)SOLD
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Inspired by Watercolor Paintings Inspired by Watercolor Paintings
Watercolor Paintings

We swirl vibrant inks and pigments into the resin to create a beautiful, watercolor appearance.

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