Carved NFTs

At Carved we live in a place where art and technology overlap. A place where we thrive on creating completely One of 1 pieces of art. Real. Physical art.

Each Wood+Resin inlay we make is handmade, designed and created by our artists, and One of 1. But we don't just make great art. We've also built a complex technology platform that powers our entire design, manufacturing and shipping process. We've spent the last 10 years building this platform a single block at a time.

We first started accepting Bitcoin as a payment at in 2013 (sad side note: we actually lost access to our very first wallet which still has 5BTC in it!). Since then we've enjoyed researching, learning and exploring blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. With the explosion of popularity in NFTs this year, we think there is a great opportunity for us to create digital NFTs that are permanently linked to our One of 1 products. Just like an NFT, every single product we make is completely unique and can only be owned by one person.

In 2021, we plan on exploring new and creative ways that we can use NFT technology to create cool, innovative experiences built on top of our art. We'll be designing brand new products, creating collectibles and building fun experiences that link blockchain technology to our physical products.


NFT Projects by Carved:

A beautiful collision of art and technology. 100 Limited edition handmade Wood+Resin art tiles, available through a redeemable NFT.

Non FungiBurls
A collection of raw wood burls. Sanded, polished and oiled to perfection. Free to claim as redeemable NFTs. Launched April 16, 2021.


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