1 of one

Does manufacturing always have to mean uniformity?

Just because you make a lot of something, doesn't mean they can't each be unique. People don't look the same, why should their phone case or wallet?

We don't just make phone cases, we challenge the idea that each phone case has to look the same.

1 of one drives everything we do.

We want to make products that don't look anything like what we made yesterday. We didn't just start out to make cool phone cases. We wanted to build a company that can make amazing, one-of-a-kind, unique products. At scale. The playbook doesn't exist for that so we've been busy writing it.


We work with suppliers who believe, like we do, that our planet needs to be cared for because it's the only one like it.

We want to work alongside people who are proud of their uniqueness. We want to create a work environment that gives people the opportunity to do what they were born for.

We want to see our people the way God sees them...