Pixel 2 Cases

Get a slim, protective case for your Pixel 2. Don't settle for a boring case.

Pixel 2 Cases & Covers

Pixel owners go against the grain, and we are right there with you. Anything new, different, and exciting in the phone world-we have it covered. In wood!

The way we see it, you spend a lot of money on your phone! And if you are like us it is almost always in your hand, on your desk, or visible in some capacity. It’s your primary device for communication, it is your camera, your calendar, your notebook, and a source of entertainment. It is a lifeline. Protecting it is a MUST, protecting it in style is a CHOICE and we make it easy with Carved Wooden Cases. We have a selection of cases for every style, personality, and interest. In a world where everyone has a phone, why not make yours stand out as extraordinary as you?

At Carved we have mastered the protective wooden case. Each case is handcrafted in Indiana from all natural materials and is as unique as you are. Your phone makes a statement, don’t dull that with a dull case. The Carved Wooden cases make a statement while also being durable and reliable enough to protect your Pixel from the bumps and scuffs of everyday life. Whether you are running to the office, hanging at a coffee shop with friends, jet-setting across the country, or caught in the mosh pit at your favorite rock show, your Pixel 2 is well protected in a Carved Wooden Case.