Wireless Charger Demo on MagSafe

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Wondering how MagSafe works? We have MagSafe magnets in our cases and wireless chargers and if you want to see how it functions, we’ve put together a demonstration on how this sorcery works.

Finding the right charger can be tricky, but we want to make it easy for you! Here's a video demonstration of our Circle wireless charger which is MagSafe compatible. Don't have a MagSafe device to charge? No problem! It works with any device that accepts wireless charging.

Also shown in this demo, our traveler cases have an option to add MagSafe magnets for certain device types if you want a stronger connection to a MagSafe charger. The case will still work without the magnets, but for that satisfying connection be sure to add them.

Last but definitely not least, our Live Edge cases all come with MagSafe magnets and are fully made out of wood and resin (except for the magnets, of course).

Want to see other demos of our products? Let us know in the comments below!