How to Build a Wood and Resin Collection at

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In this article, I am going to give you a breakdown of exactly how it works.

Wood+Resin Products

First, click on the product you want to start browsing.

Let’s click on bracelets since there are just so many absolutely beautiful bracelets.

After you click on Bracelets you will land on a page showing an assortment of all the resin colors available at that moment. You can browse this page to see a bit of everything.

Resin Colors

Click on a specific color of resin you want to explore. Keep an eye out here we often drop a new color or do a limited selection that can be quickly accessed this way.


Once you are on the product page with your preferred resin color selected it’s time to have fun! Simply scroll through the gallery and click the heart button below the products you want to put in your collection. It’s that simple.

At the top of each page, next to your cart, you will see a heart icon with a number. The number is the number of items you have said are your “favorites”. After you add a few you can click on that heart and view your favorites all on one page. Now the hard part.

Wood+Resin Decision Maker

One of our favorite uses of this feature is to help you find that perfect piece. If you have three or four Teal & Gold designs you just can’t decide on, putting them in a collection to compare side by side always helps. Pro Tip: buy all of them and give some away. Or if you are trying to decide between a couple of different colors the collection tool helps you view them side by side.

Truth be told, most of the time my collection page ends up with just as many options. I mean there are so many beautiful pieces.

NEXT LEVEL: Wood+Resin Collection Build

Where this tool goes next level is when you build what we call a collection. You can build a collection that focuses on matching resin colors. You could build a collection where the wood species not only match but look as if they were once connected.

Or, how about this… instead of “friendship bracelets” that look exactly alike, and exactly like all the other pairs of friends in this world. You could build a collection of bracelets that highlights the unique differences between you and your besties, yet has a clear connection. Shall I go on?

Go Build a Collection

We love making beautiful, one of 1 art every day. We also love showing, selling, and shipping that art in useful everyday products to our customers. But what we really love is seeing the uniqueness of our customers come out in their selection of what designs are meaningful to them. Our Wood+Resin collection builder is just another way to experience it.