Everything we know (so far) about the iPhone 15 (Updated 2023)

Hint: it's not much. Yet.

The iPhone 15 will be launched in September 2023 (if history is our guide) and as usual, we'll probably know a lot about it before it's launched.

In the early days of the iPhone, most new features were a surprise. And we loved that!

So.....this page will probably contain some spoilers. If you want the iPhone 15 features and specs to be a surprise, stop reading right now.


Last chance, iPhone 15 spoilers ahead....


If you want to know what might be coming, read on....


Here are a few rumors that we think could end up being true. We'll update this post as we learn more...

iPhone 15 Release Date

Tuesday Sept 12, 2023.
Likelihood: ✔️

In the past, Apple has released new iPhones right in the first week or two of September so this one is probably true. We are fairly certain the iPhone 15 will be released 9/12/23.

 iPhone 15 Ultra?

Likelihood: ✔️

We actually thought the iPhone 14 Plus was going to be called the iPhone 14 Max. Last minute we got word that it was going to the iPhone 14 Plus so we had to quickly update our website content to reflect that. Next year we are reading a lot of rumors that the lower end, larger version will be called the iPhone 15 Ultra.

Will iPhone 15 have USB-C?

Likelihood: ✔️ (Updated 1/3/2023)

There is a reliable source who states this:



So we think it's likely. But, we also heard this rumor a bit about the iPhone 14 and it ended up being false. So, not sure on this one.

1/3/2023: Ok, we've now read enough rumors that iPhone 15 will have USB-C to mark this one a strong likelihood. Of course nothing is 100% until Apple says it themselves, but it seems very likely that USB-C is coming for the 15, no more lightning port. It also seems likely that the non Pro models will have a slower USB-C, Pro Models will have the faster version (20-40Gb/s).

Will iPhone 15 have rounded edges?

Likelihood: ✔️ (Updated 1/3/2023)

We started selling cases for the iPhone 3G (wow that was a long time ago!) and when iPhone 4 came out, it had a beautiful squared edge design. We love it. Easy to make skins and cases for, felt great in the hand, nice modern look. Apple switched to a rounded design for iPhone 6 but came back to square with iPhone 12. Now it seems like they'll be tweaking the corners just a bit. We should have some initial specs (rumors only of course) for the iPhone 15 in a few months and we'll update this when we know more. 


Will Carved have iPhone 15 cases?

Likelihood: 💯

Yep. 100% certain. And our goal is to have them shipped asap so you get the case, maybe even before you get your actual iPhone 15! It's an expensive phone and we want you to have a protective iPhone 15 case on it.