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Katy Lipscomb

Artwork by Katy Lipscomb Katy Lipscomb is a professional illustrator from Athens, Georgia. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in drawing in 2016. From the time she was a little girl, she had a fascination with the natural world and a desire to create. Now she shares her work across the globe and online platforms, collaborating with various brands and people from all over the world. Katy was born in Dallas, Texas in 1993. Since then she has lived across the United States including Michigan, North Carolina, and is now settled in Georgia. When she isn't working on her art, she enjoys traveling and hanging out with her family, friends,...

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Sustainable Shells Responsibly sharing nature’s design potential for over 25 years. We buy our seashell raw material directly from Ocean Shell. Ocean Shell is based in Riverton, New Zealand – a close-knit coastal community. In addition to processing over 80% of New Zealand's abalone shell harvest, we supply a range of shells from the South Pacific including White and Black Mother of Pearl, Trochus and Green Snail. Sustainable and ethical practices underpin everything we do. Our focus on quality and beauty ensures the appreciation of all designs and products that use Luméa shells and materials. Ethical suppliers are key to ensuring the quality of Luméa shells. Specially chosen pearl farmers and fishermen from ocean-dependent communities are among our long-term partners...

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