We take pride in selling the highest quality iPhone skins and cases available. See what some of our customers have to say about us.


"5 star Love it! Amazing Case. Just enough protection for everyday use. Slim fit case feels really nice in the hands. The best part is the Wood back. The design is really well done. Hardest part is picking only one. "


"I got the random puzzle case for my new iPhone. It is absolutely perfect!!! The detail is amazing!!! My son is autistic so I was looking for a case that could represent that without being childlike as puzzle pieces are a symbol of autism. This is so classy and unique just like he is! I also love the fact that is is a product made in the USA!!! The way it came packaged was just another bonus and a handwriting thank you from Ashleigh and your signatures inside the case! I will highly recommend you to whoever wants something with high quality and is very creative!!! You guys are amazing and in the future for gifts or myself you will be the first place I look! Thank you for a wonderful product!"


"Amazing customer service. When I contacted Carved to mention that the engraving on my case hadn't picked up well on the redwood burl and it was a little different than what I had expected, the customer service agent at Carved did such a great job to make my experience better. With helping me get a case I would be happy with. I would not hesitate to order another case from Carved or to recommend to friends and family!"


"I wasn't sure how you do reviews or testimonials as I no longer have the paperwork from my order. I wanted to let you know that the case is awesome. I have already shown it to 3 of my friends who also have Nexus 5s, and they were equally impressed and envious. Needless to say, I pointed them in your direction. Before finding you, I saw the cheaper wood case options available on Amazon, but they looked so cheap that it was not worth the $10 to buy them. I was originally hesitant at your price, but after reading the testimonials I decided to give it a go. Truly outstanding. You get what you pay for, and I got quality and aesthetics. Keep up the good work. "


" By far the best phone cases for cell phones. I went on a long search for a wood iPhone case. I checked all my local stores for one that came close to what I was looking for, but only found one case remotely close. And that one case was not real wood, more Styrofoam. I then took to the Internet in search of what I was looking for. It was then that I stumbled across carved and their wood phone cases. They blew me out of the water with the selection of woods available. I already have a cedar phone case on, and just ordered a redwood burl case and cannot wait for it to come. Lastly, the customer service here is top notch. I got instant feedback via email on all questions that I had. Plus they volunteered to provide me with tracking information on my phone. If there was a star system for this company, they'd get full 5 stars!"


"Can't thank you guys enough for the service, I was really hesitant at first no knowing how personalized the experience would be. Anytime I'm ordering something "custom" online there is always that fear your not going to get what you were looking for. That hasn't been the case with you guys and I'm overwhelmed with the support I've received from your staff, design team and customer service. I'm looking forward to showing my personalized wood case to my friends, co-workers and clients I would imagine they would have the same recognition of craftsmanship that I've come to appreciate. I look forward to my next purchase from you guys and wish the best of luck in your future ventures. "


"Thank you so much for the awesome job you did on carving the custom image I sent you. It looks great! I also love how low profile the case is. It has a very minimalistic form factor, and yet it's sturdy and high quality. Thanks again!"


"Thank you all very much for such a high quality and pristine product. Love the build, from the real hardwood to the matte black plastic used for the casing! Excellent job. But what I'm most impressed with are the small touches of gratitude included in the packaging. The small cards, the signatures on the inside of the case, and most of all that Jara took the time and actually signed a handwritten "thanks, Ian" on my invoice. These small touches BLEW my mind! THAT'S how a business should be run, large or small. Just wanted you guys to know, keep doing exactly what you're doing, because you've earned a lifelong customer with me. Sincerely, I cannot thank you enough for your quality product and excellent service."


"This experience is the exact reason why I prefer to do business with real people instead of huge corporations. The fact that the first person I talked to (within 12 hours!) was willing and able to help me is basically a miracle. This never would have happened with one of the huge, outsourced case companies. So in case having a truly superior product isn't enough, you guys have the best customer service ever on top of it. I'm gonna rave about this all over social media I hope you know, haha. Not being treated like a dollar sign is worth shouting from the rooftops."


"Having done custom wood work myself, I realized even before I checked what my status would be, but I was curious what would be involved in getting an update from your website. I must admit, I was surprised and deeply impressed with the ease that I got an update. But after some time to reflect on this experience, I should not have been. Everything about you company oozes craftsmanship and elegance, so why should your website be any different? Truly, you are all either completely insane or so dedicated to your craft there would be no way to tell the difference. Either way, Wow! I find myself actually savoring the entire experience with your company from start to finish. keep up the great work. "


" I just got my ebony wood case after only ordering it 5 days ago and I couldn't be more pleased! It's well made, feels great in the hands and is just so classy! I don't usually send feedback to companies but the hand written note was such a nice touch you guys deserved to have your egos boosted a bit more about this great product you make. So no... Thank YOU Jena, and everyone else of course! I will be ordering again soon, and recommending to my friends."


"You guys are the BEST! I was going to get my case in 3 days, I got it in 2! The case looks amazing! The detail is unbelievable! I can't wait to receive my phone and put the case on it but til then I'll hold off the case until my phone arrives. "


" While I've been satisfied with the beauty of this case since the beginning, I always wondered if it could stand up to a serious fall. The other day I had a chance to find out. As I was rushing into a subway station, my phone came flying out of my pocket and pin balled down the entire length of the subway escalator. I'm talking epic fall. People were staring. After inspecting my phone, I found virtually no damage (with the exception of a few tiny scratches on the corners). The case was also in tact. I just want to say thanks for making a beautiful and *functional* project!"


"I received my custom case for iPhone 5 yesterday and I would like to thank you! It looks truly amazing, it means very much to me. I am constantly staring at the back of my phone now instead of the front. It feels very smooth and very nice in my hands and it fits perfectly on my phone. Thank you for the great services and the flawless case!"


"I got my case this morning. It looks awesome. I am a woodworker and love working with wood and when I saw your cases I knew I had to have one. I do make puzzles and when I saw the puzzle one I knew I had to have that one. I was not disappointed. It is so beautiful. Please thank everyone there for their excellent work and craftsmanship. I am sure I will be ordering more cases from you! Thanks. "


"I'm writing to you not to complain but to comment on how surprised I am off the quality of the product and the care you placed in the package (beautiful) and the sticker I love! You even manually wrote a thank you note (I hope it was really a manual note and not a good printing. If so you fooled me, have a laugh on me ;)) I've been living eight years in Japan where the client services is really good but I'm happy to see companies abroad can also do it and even better! (No friendly touch in Japan) I'm not really the type of man to change often my phone case but I wished I was so I would order more. If I need to buy a case in the future, you can be sure I will order it from you! "


"I just received my new purpleheart iPhone5 skin. It looks amazing and I love the feeling of warm wood in my hand. I was really really really impressed by the packaging and the thank you postcard! That's how everyone should treat his customers :-P Cheers from Rome, "


"Super product... unbelievably fast shipping (free) and it's designed so I can install an adapter to hook it up to my old school radio with the original iPhone 30 pin connector. Couldn't be happier with the quality.....You guys and gals ROCK !!!! Customer for life.... "


"I usually do not go out of my way to thank companies for a job well done, but I was so impressed with the case and customer service that I could not resist thanking you. Your company has it figured out. Great customer service with a quality product. The hand written note on the receipt was a nice personal touch. I love the case and look forward to showing it off!"


"I was worried that the design I sent in for custom engraving would be too detailed for your machines to engrave properly. BOY WAS I WRONG. It came in the mail today and it looks FANTASTIC! And the turn around time was exceptionally quick! 6 days from submission to delivery. Not only that, but when I had questions about my order, Mindy was very helpful and contacted me back immediately. I can't tell you what customer service like that is worth. You guys have an incredible little operation. I'll be designing something a little crazier in the near future because I know you guys can make it happen! "


"I just got my case today and I just wanted to let you all know I love it! The pictures online do not quite do your product justice. I will definitely be a repeat customer. "


"I just received my Aztec Calendar case and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!! You are great craftsman and artists. I can not wait to show my father your work. He is one of the last remaining craftsman in the art of piano refinishing/restorers and his mind will be blown away! The detail is amazing! Not only in your product but also in handling your customer. Your signatures made me feel special and the thank you card is such a great touch. I will be a loyal customer and recommend your product to all my friends. I wish you great success y muchas gracias!"


"I received my case yesterday, which i was so pleased about because it was they day I had requested. I was pleasantly surprised that I received it so soon, your company's customer service has been stellar. I loved the case, it looks very quality and the design turned out well. Thank you again for your help."


"Received my order today, I am totally satisfied. The product is perfect. Thanks again. I plan on ordering again soon. "


"After one week of use, you’re right...it is amazing. Really, I just wanted to say thanks for the great and awesome case! Normally, I don’t leave reviews for products but for yours I had to... Initially, I didn't want to put a screen protector on my iPhone but after receiving the case I had to just so I can lay my phone face down and admire the case. It’s true! Anyhow, as you can tell I’m very happy with my purchase and I can’t wait to see your line of wood cases. Keep up the Great Work...I wish your company nothing but the best in all of its endeavors. "


"I just wanted to let you and all of Carved know what wonderful service you guys have! The product is exceptional and the presentation was very thoughtful. It was very cool to feel how proud you guys are of your company through the delivery - and rightfully so. I will be recommending you guys! "


"Just wanted to let you guys know...I just received my Aztec Case for my iPhone 5 and am blown away and impressed! I love it! Love how intricate the wood work is! Keep up the good work! "


"I received my cases yesterday. They arrived astonishingly fast! They exceeded my expectations. I am 1000% happy! Love the thank you card, and the note from Mindy on the order slip. Keep it up! "


"I just received my case yesterday, and it's wonderful. I'm amazed at the level of detail you were able to catch in the artwork I submitted, and the case is very well put together. Compared to similar custom cases, yours are amazingly priced. Thanks!"


"Hey guys, I just got my case and had to email you and tell you I love it! It's actually better than I had expected. I will definitely be telling people about your covers. "


"I would like to say that I'm very satisfied with my order. You all did wonderful work. The time between order and delivery was very fast! 4 days! Keep up the good work! Greetings from Belgium. "


"I received my black limba iPhone 5s case today. LOVE IT !!! Beautiful product. It arrived in only 1 week to Australia. Thanks and well done for creating such fine and stylish cases."


"Thank you, Carved for the best phone case I have ever bought. I will be buying every single one of my phone cases here from now on."


"I just wanted to reach out to express how thrilled I am to have purchased a custom-engraved iPhone 5S case by Carved. Not only does the case look and feel better than I expected, but it was shipped promptly, and with the correct trim and package size as described to me by your customer service rep. I'm ecstatic to be in possession of such a case, and I'm comforted in knowing that I supported a small business with high quality standards and excellent customer service. I'll be recommending you guys to everyone who asks (and even some who won't)!"


"I just received my order and it is fantastic! You guys do a great job creating a wonderful experience for your clients. Not only is the Redwood Burl skin beautiful but your packaging is absolutely grand! Thank you for a great product and a great experience."


"Just got my case and it is insane! It is the coolest case I've had. The customer service was great also! I had a few questions/concerns and Mindy answered them right away. Keep up the good work!!!"


"I bought a Wood (World Map) Phone case from you almost a full year ago and it was without a doubt one of the best purchases I have ever made. Its still in great shape today. I've recommended you guys so many times. Keep up the quality and great work! I'm excited to see what you guys plan to do next! "


"I just received my new case, I purchased the Mayan calendar design. All I can say is WOW, my expectations have been exceeded. I never put cases on my phones because I feel it detracts from the look, but your case managed to enhance the look and feel of it. The attention to detail is absolutely amazing. Please remember that there is a large number of people like myself that prefer to support small, local, and US made products, and you have proven that great things can and will be made in this great country. Thanks again, peace and love."


"Honestly didn't think it was possible to be this excited over a phone case. You guys proved me wrong. Simply amazing, my products purchased were so good and designed so well - whilst feeling incredible. At the same time, as providing such a classy looking package and personal touch that comes with it. Recommending you guys to everyone, keep up the great work! Thank you! "


"I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the cases. Me and my wife wanted something cool that you don't just see all the time..and the fact that it's organic wood makes it even way more awesome! Everything from the website, the design of all your cool cases and the customer service was excellent. In a world where a lot of the customer service is lost, little things like a written "Thanks Jason, Mindy" on my order receipt is pretty amazing and makes it personal, even though it's just an iPhone case! Anyways thank you again for a wicked little case and I look forward to what you guys come up with in the future. Cheers!"


"I really appreciate the friendly customer relations of your company. Rare in today's world. Tks! "


"Just wanted to let you know that my daughter loved the puzzle shell for her iPhone that she received for her birthday. It was an amazing design and beautifully made. Her friends at college love it as well and I imagine more orders will be made. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was made so close to home and happy to support a local business!"


"I just received it today !!! I imagine the number of hours you spend to create the covers, but the result totally worth! Many thanks from France !!!! :)"


"These guys are seriously amazing! I looked all over the web for custom phone cases and this was by far the cheapest and easiest option. Although the prices are cheap the product is not! Top notch case I absolutely love. I even submitted the wrong image for my case. A simple email and they handled it no problem. The shipping was surprisingly fast too, totally surprised me how early I received my case. If I could give more than 5 starts I would. I've been recommending all of my friends here since getting my beautiful case. You guys rock! "


"You guys are AWESOME! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I'll be posting my appreciate fervently over social media :) We love the the unique designs, but love it even it more than you guys make it in Elkhart!"


"I recently ordered a new cover for my 5s. I received it yesterday, 10/7/13. I want to tell you how very pleased I am with the phone cover. The workmanship is astounding! The flower engraving beautiful. As you can see I very pleased with it and will recommend your company to others, I learned about your product from my daughter who had also ordered one."


"Hi-- Well, I just got my map of the world case for my new 5s. Absolutely beautiful! I work for a large company and my phone is on view every day in our lunchroom. I know I will get compliments on it and I plan on happily passing on your website. Again, thank you and I know in a few years when the 6 or the 5x or whatever comes out, I will be a repeat customer. "


"Just writing to let you know that the case purchased from you is exquisite! I got the Hexagon inlay for the iPhone 5s and everything from the feeling of the plastic used to the texture of the wood on the back is supreme! "


"Hey Eric: and all you other amazing artists! I received my redwood Burl iPhone case today and I love it. Not only that... but also I am writing to tell you that I am most impressed with your packaging and your personal touch! Clearly you guys take pride in what you do. I will be sure to let people know about know about you and your great work. Keep up the good work and good luck. "


"All I can say is 100% COMPLETELY SATISFIED with EVERYTHING about this case. The construction and materials are top notch... The packaging... top notch... the personal thanks on the invoice... top notch! I am a zealot when it comes to the thickness of a case and as a result I never put one on my iPhone 5. After multiple drops (and 1 catastrophic one resulting in replacement of the device) I decided this time I had to get a case. After researching alternatives I found your site and I AM SO HAPPY :) Perfect complement to the 5S... amazing feel in the hand and craftsmanship and... could go on and on. just want to say thanks and keep up the amazing work! I plan on ordering more too so I can switch it up! "


"this was the first case i have ordered from this company (aztec calender) and all i can say is wow i this is amazing art work i will be most certainly buying more cases from you i wish i could just buy them all i will be recommending these to everyone i know keep up the great work and thank you."


"Awesome case guys! Just got mine in the mail and I'm amazed at how good it looks! So happy I bought one! Keep up the awesome work!!"


"I am so happy with my new case and just wanted to let you guys know that you're doing great work! It's a shame in this day and age people spend hundreds of dollars on a phone but get a crappy $5 case from ebay. It's such a waste of a chance of personal expression! Anyway, I was so happy at your personal touch with the packaging I even put it on facebook. Keep it up! "


"Just wanted to send a note of thanks ... I received my order on time and my boss was very happy ... It was a gift for her ... The packaging and presentation were very well done ... Just wanted to send my thanks and kudos to you and the team ! :-) "


"Just got my order, it is everything that I expected!!! I will for sure order again and recommend to all my friends!"


"I'm just writing to share with you my incredible happiness for the cover I've bought. It's simply amazing. You must continue on this way!! Thank you a lot. "


"Hi, I received the package. Thank you for great work. The covers are very neat and beautiful. I like them. Definitely I will reorder in the future. "


"I AM SO HAPPY WITH MY NEW CASE! Thank you all for such a beautiful product! These cases are worth their price in gold! Anyone thinking of getting a case from you guys shouldn't second guess it! I will definitely recommend this site to everyone!"


"I just got my 5s and i went to find a case online right after. I was looking online and searched wood iphone cases and came across this sight. I AM SO GLAD I CLICKED THE LINK!!! I was so astounded with the service provided by this awesome company i just had to write this! If you guys are thinking of getting a case, get one becuase no one will have the same case as you. I love carved!!!"


"The case looks spectacular! I don't think the pictures on the website due the actual case justice. I got the matte black finish because I have a black iphone and would highly recommend it."


"The personalized service that I received from Carved was refreshing. Prompt, courteous and going the extra yard for me made it a great experience dealing with them. And best of all, my client really loved the product! Thank you Carved!"


"Amazing product and very fast shipping. Received it in Netherlands less than a week after it was shipped from US. Thanks for the case and keep up the great work!"


"Absolutely beautiful case, super fast shipping, and excellent communication! One of my best Etsy buying experiences ever. Thank you, Carved!"


"Great design, solid product, great communication. "


"Item arrived in great condition. Beautiful & durable craftsmanship. FAST shipping."


"Can't stop touching or looking at this case! So beautiful, tactile and distracting! I only wish I had more than one phone..."


"I literally just received my case just moments ago! WOW....she is a real beauty! The fit and finish...the look and feel...all are top notch! I could not be happier! For me, my Carved case is the PERFECT minimalist case. It fits my Galaxy S4 incredibly well, and will be my 'go to' case when I want to have the thinnest possible case, but still want a degree of protection. I have other cases that are better suited for times where I may need more protection for my phone...but I hate using those all the time as they can be quite bulky and hard to get in and out of a pocket. My Carved case is ideal.....and looks AMAZING. I also like how you guys chose to go with the black rubberized body and sides. This really provides great grip for the phone, and also looks really nice against the wood. My only complaint is that I can't smell the wood more :-) but it looks like there is a light coat of laquer over the wood to keep it protected and lasting longer...so I totally understand. All in all, I am VERY pleased with my purchase and will no doubt be telling others about you guys. I also plan on ordering another case soon....the problem is choosing which one! Redwood Burl....Ebony...Padauk.....some really great looking options for sure! Thanks again for the great service, and amazing product! "


"I purchased the case and matching skin addon after buying one for my wife's phone. It was so elegant looking, I decided to ditch the 100.00+ case I had on my own phone and get one for myself. Even though I have plans on upgrading my phone soon. Let me just say when you purchase this case with the matching front skin...you're purchasing art as well as protection. I can't stop looking at it. I got it yesterday afternoon, and spent most of the night polishing and just looking at it! I find I'm taking it out even when I don't have a call just to show off and hold it in my hands..."


"Excellent service - this product was delivered in a timely manner and arrive in great quality. I will be recommending this shop to many other Etsy users. Thank you!"


"I love this case! The design is awesome and unique. After having a clunky otter case that I really didn't like, my iPhone is finally slim and still protected in my pocket. Had a slight issue with shipping but the Carved team took care of it immediately and made it very easy. Definitely very happy with this purchase!"


" This case is amazing! People come up to me asking where I got it from, and I have referred them all to you guys. Truly a work of art!"


"Got my case today and I've gotta say, it's great. Fits my phone perfectly, isn't bulky like other cases, but feels really solid. The cutouts for the buttons are perfect. Seriously, no complaints. I'm glad I decided to order. I will be purchasing from you again, no question. "


"First, I want to start off saying that I rarely give feedback/comments, however, I was so impressed with your product (as well as the service itself) that I felt it warranted one. I just received my phone case today (iPhone 5 - wood case--not the solid case) and I was very pleased with the product. The designs themselves are great and are very unique. I also like how thin the case is (as I like to keep the phone as thin as possible) while still offering good protection. In addition to the product itself, the speedy service/time in which I received it was great. I also felt that, as simple and as small a gesture as a handwritten "Thank You" on the receipt is, I was again, very impressed and think that goes a long way. In fact, I was so impressed with everything that I just placed an order for another case. I will definitely recommend this product to my friends and family and will definitely have to order a custom case as well as keep my eye out for new designs as they come. "


"I wanted to send this email as a super satisfied customer. I have always been afraid to order online but I built up the courage to do so when I saw the beautiful work that you do. I wanted to say how much I appreciate great customer service and you definitely display it. My package was lost thru my postal service and I called and emailed explaining my problem and Mindy was very kind and understanding. She returned my email within a matter of minutes which is hard to do this day and age so I really appreciate that as well. I WILL recommend my friends and family to your sight for future orders. Thanks again for making this transition very smooth and pleasant!!!! "


"I've owned a cherry case and skin (4s) for about 9 months now. I would like to commend your company for doing such a great job on it. It has protected my phone from several nasty falls. More importantly, it has received more compliments than I can count. I feel like my iPhone is much more unique because of your product. Thanks for making a great product and keep up the good work."


"Hi guys, I just want to say how impressed I am; Not only with the product, but with the packaging and the shipping. I live in the UK and my case only took 5 working days to arrive - amazing. You can tell that a lot of hard work and passion goes in to your products and I hope you know the little things are appreciated. I absolutely love my case and there is no doubt that I will buy from you again in the future. "


"Just wanted to say that my iphone case arrived today in the post and it's beautiful! Thank you so much to Carved for the lovely workmanship and the very prompt delivery. I shall treasure it!"


"nice, very nice!! looking very much forward to have this on an 5s!!!! thanks mindy and crew"

Rosa Maria

"Lovely case! Great packaging and presentation. Very happy with my purchase, only qualms is that upon closer inspection I realized that some of my favorite countries (and one's that I am from!) are missing! Next time, try and include Great Britain, New Zealand, most of Southeast Asia, & Madagasgar! Haha... only joking, but not really. Great craftsmanship, pity about the geography!"


"The case is beautiful...the clear snap on case is secure, snug fitting, and pretty much invisible. You can actually feel the grain and texture of the wood beneath your fingers! I would have paid so much more for this! A high end, quality case, at a so much more than reasonable price..... I searched for a long time for the perfect case, and found it in Elkhart, Indiana! Made in the USA"


"Absolutely delighted with the case! Not only it fits my phone like a glove but it showcases it in the best light possible. Stunning details, great craftsmanship - thanks you!!!"


"I could not be happier with my phone case. It does not add too much extra weight and fits snug against the phone. I really enjoy the packaging and it arrived very fast! 100% feedback. I will come back to Carved in the future."


"Great case for my SGS4. The phone is now much more comfortable to hold, and it looks great. I can also stop worrying about scratching the protruding camera lens, as it no longer protrudes with this case."


"I love my case! I've had it for over two months and it's still gorgeous. (That's saying a lot since I have three kiddos and butter fingers!) Wonderful sellers!"


"This is a beautiful case! I get a lot of positive comments about it."


"Love this case!! I needed it for a Samsung galaxy and he was quick with responding. Quality cases! Shipped fast! Thank you so much!"


"Wonderful case and service! It's my 2nd order and I hope to return again! :)))"


"Incredibly awesome to work with. helped me realize my artistic vision. Have already worked with again and will continue to do so."


"Hurray! I got this a little while ago. I'd almost forgotten I'd ordered it and then it arrived in the mail. What a nice little surprise it was to receive and a handwritten "thank you" on the confirmation order. So nice. So far, I'm really liking the case. So, thank YOU!"


"I just wanted to rave about my new phone case! It arrived faster then I could have expected, was so simple to apply, and looks fantastic! These guys really know what they are doing and are a prime example of why I use etsy! Will be shopping with them again in the near future!! Thank you!"


"I am beyond happy with your products! I just bought my second skin the "wild west" I love it! Looks stellar on my phone. I also like the fact they are made in the USA! Keep up the good work."


"Would just like to say thanks for the amazing case i received today. It has been a while since i have bought something online that has turned out to be better than what i thought it would be. I am blown away by the quality of this case. You can tell that it has been well made and the personal touch is something we lack today so it's nice to see that you guys exceed at this. Thank you very much and i will buy from your site again. "


"I received my case yesterday and felt compelled to contact you about how beautiful this case is. The reconstituted ebony wood is gorgeous next to the matte black trim. I cannot stop looking at it. Thank you for crafting such a wonderful product and I am very proud to support an American-made product. I will definitely recommending your case to everyone with an iPhone."


"I know you guys hear this all the time, but I LOVE my case! You did an excellent job on my custom design and I couldn't ask for anything better!! I love it and my friends are in awe. I hope I was able to convince them to make their own special purchases as well. What exciting and creative work. Thank you so kindly."


" Skin is thin, but seems sturdy. Be aware that if you plan to use this with a screen protector, the adhesive is strong enough that it will remove the screen protector when attempting to re position the skin."


"Case is well made and feels durable. Shipping was fast. Thanks guys!"


"LOVE this thing! Very intricate details, get compliments on it all the time. Arrived ahead of schedule with a very nice little note from shipping. You guys are doing business the right way. Congrats on a great product and more importantly, great business practices. Keep up the good work!"


"Just wanted to give a big "two thumbs up" for the Redwood skins I just received. They look great and my iPhone now looks more distinguished than all others out there. I will be ordering another set very soon. Thanks a million. "


"Just received your case and am extremely extremely satisfied with my purchase. I've been looking for a beautiful wooden case that is as simple yet elegant as this one. Thank you and keep up the great work!"


"Fabulous! I can't believe how fast I got these cases and they look just amazing. Not to mention how decadent they feel to the hand. I keep picking up my phone to touch it. Love it!"


"I'm positively amazed at how awesome this case looks. It's even better in real! It's gorgeous and and looks stunning on my phone. Even the packaging was really pretty. Fantastic craftsmanship and VERY good customer service. I will recommend this company to all my friends."


"Fast shipping to Europe + Beautiful Iphone skin! Great quality, I am very impressed!! Nice packaging ! I'm really happy with my purchase! Thanks a million from France!!! +++ "


"Thank you so much!! This product is perfect and exactly what i was hoping for!! Really great quality excellent shipping time. I highly recommend this shop."


"I received my case/front cover today and it was so gorgeous! Really happy with my purchase and the speed in which I received it! Was also happy to get the email update when it shipped! Will definitely recommend you to others!!"


"My skin arrived in the mail one day early AND it looks AMAZING!!! Far better than I could have imagined. Thank you for providing such stylish options for my phone!"


"I just received my order and couldn't be more thrilled. This is unquestionably the best case I've ever owned and your customer service is unparalleled as well. I was surprised and impressed to see that the same person who responded to my email(Mindy) personally wrote thanks on my receipt! The best and most personal customer service I've had especially from an internet company! Thanks so much I really appreciate the hard work you do! "


" Absolutely beautiful! Love this so much, very unique and well-made! Thanks a million"


"This case is gorgeous! I wish it offered a little more protection around the edges of the screen though. It's a great fit on the phone and I'm very happy with it."


"Very satisfied with my purchase, accurate description, fast shipping."


"The case is fantastic. It looks great and it fits my phone like a glove. Thank you so much!"


"Hi there, just received my case and it is beautiful! Thanks for make such a beautiful piece of art! Love it!"


"I LOVE my case! It's amazing I love the design work and everything! Thanks much! I am absolutely going to buy from y'all again and I am going to recommend y'all to people. Thank again I looooove my case. Thanks Mindy, Grant, Jonh, Alex, and Darrick you guys are awesome! (:"


"Just got the carved iPhone case (World Map) and it is a thing of beauty. Fits my phone perfectly and is lovely to look at. Great work, great American craftsmanship, great little thank you note, great packaging. Wishing you well in all your endeavors!"


"So cool! I love this case. It arrived quickly and is beautiful! "


"Love this case! Fits my phone like a glove. The wood is beautiful and looks very classy. Transaction went very smoothly and shipping was fast. Thanks for the beautiful case! Would defiantly but from this seller again."


"Incredible work. More beautiful than the picture shows. Thank you so much! =)"


"Beautiful product! I'm thrilled with my purchase - Thanks a bunch!"


"This case was JUST what I was looking for, protective without being bulky.... AND! SO cool! I've received more compliments than I can count! Thanks so much, for such workmanship!"


"Probably my favorite shop on Etsy. Excellent customer service and beautiful work. Totally worth every penny. Will definitely return in the future! Thank you so much!"


"i got my phone cover yesterday, and it is beautiful! I love it so much, and it came really fast all the way from America to Australia. I have already received tons of compliments about how sheek it looks. So thank you so much for this amazing cover:) "


"I am extremely satisfied with the quality of your work! You guys do an amazing job and I just wanted to thank you, I had been looking for cool skin designs for my phone but honestly none of them come close to the work you do. I will spread the word around my friends so that they can also rock their phones like me (: "


"Just got my new skin in the mail last week (it arrived really fast!). Can't thank you enough for your awesome service. "


"I love this! Looks and feels great. Well worth it. "


"Very lovely indeed, and made by fellow Hoosiers. Love it. "


"These cases are beautiful and well-made! "


"Customized my case to include my initials. Contact was prompt and the item arrived looking beautiful!"


"I'd like to say that I absolutely love my aztec calendar case! The fit on the phone, accessibility to the ports, and the real wood on the back make this the best case that I have ever owned. I'm really impressed by the service I've gotten, and the time for shipment was fast, and the little things, like the personalized "Thanks Greg" from I believe, "Darrick" if I can read the name properly, really is how business should be carried out, so thank you!"


"Love my Aztec Calendar case! So cool and perfect for my iphone 5! I work with a CNC machine so I'm very particular about details. Nothing short of awesome! Thanks =)"


"I received my order today. Just wanted to share how great the case looks. It's even better in person than on your website. Great product and great packaging. proud to support small USA business. keep up the good work. "


"I am a reluctant new comer to the cell phone world.I have an I phone and was given a plastic case.I never liked plastic. The other day my client took out her phone to look up something I asked. She had your Aztec calendar. My eyes popped out of my head. I have to have one. I mentioned your website to a colleague. She has been looking for wood cases for her and her boyfriend! I will be ordering soon. Thank you."


"Beautiful piece. I don't mean to brag, but my Carved Maple iPhone case is pretty cool."


"This is beautiful. Truly. Makes me happy. And nearly everyone else that sees it, too. Top notch iPhone case!"


"Beautiful product! Gets tons of compliments! "


"Shipped fast. Easy application. Love the new look! "


"beautiful! i got so many compliments! thank you so much! "


"Just received my new Carved case. Sturdy, attractive packaging. Just as described. Fits my iPhone perfectly. Can't wait to show it off to the world!"


"I received the case this morning and love it! I will most certainly be a return customer. I will be buying another iPhone 4S case for myself this Friday or sooner and then an iPad mini case soon after. Thanks for the high quality, unique wooden case, it's amazing!"


"The protector i bought is great. I also work with lasers and waterjets professionally and think what you guys are doing is awesome. Great quality, and character to the piece. The packaging was great too. "


"Wonderfully made and so pretty!! I gave it as a gift and my friend LOVES it! She whips it out everywhere so everyone can see it. ;) Thank you!"


"I love, love, love this case. The photos do not do justice to the product you receive in person. The wood tones are rich and gorgeous to the touch. The background wood color is a little more subdued in person, which I love. All the colors and elements here work so well together and make a striking impression. Bought this for my man and he loves it! Looks so sleek on his phone, and the wood grain texture is absolutely beautiful."


"Exquisite. There is elegance in its simplicity. Deliciously sleek. Stunning design. Stylishly packaged. "


"Worth every cent, a beautiful piece of art. Quality. Happy to support this small business :)"


"Great product- fast delivery. Would order 1000 more times! "


"Case is great!! Awesome idea and it is functional. Thanks and good luck!!"


"This cover is awesome! Fast shipment and great quality. I would definitely buy from Carved again."


"I get a lot of compliments on this, and always refer them to Carved on Etsy."


"This case is an attention-getter--all of my friends have complimented it since I first put it on my iPhone. I love the feel of the beautiful wood. It's so unique and incredibly well made. My fiance wishes he could find such a beautiful case for this Samsung Galaxy S3, but alas! If you ever did make a case for the Galaxy phones, I would snap one up for the mister in a second. :)"


"Love this case! Fast efficient delivery."


"Absolutely beautiful, slim and unique! Adds to the aesthetics of the phone, plus it did an amazing job covering the broken back glass on my iPhone! Love it."


"This came here today, and I have to tell you, I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT. The wood is really sleek and fits the phone perfectly. They wrote a handwritten thank you as well as a card, put in a fancy sticker, and everything in the box was custom made. Also two continent is away and it didn't take 10 days to get here. I love everything about the product, thank you. "


"Wow- after dropping my phone (with new case) on blacktop for the umpteenth time I had to write in and tell you of my appreciation for not only the design and quality, but of the resiliency and protection offered by your product. I was amazed that it didn't crack after my phone fell out of my pocket onto a rock while I was running through the woods...not to mention when it slid out from my pocket with rapid acceleration onto the cement floor of the garage...there have been many others! Phone safe and unscathed. Thank you so much for your hard work and obvious care! "


"I just want to tell you how happy i am. I bought the Ebony iPhone 5 Case and it's really amazing. The best Case i ever seen. Thank you!!! You earned one fan more. "


"Nice product. Good communication. Reasonable shipping time. I would recommend this shop and this product to others. "


"The case arrived quickly and it's completely gorgeous! The wood has a lovely warm glow, and I love how the clear sides show off my iPhone as well. I have a few cases for my phone, but after putting this one on, I never want to take it off!"


"I received my phone case yesterday. I am one of those that have always gone case-less however I am banging mine around more these days than I like. Without being too large in my pocket this case actually makes the iPhone 5 better proportioned for my hand than without the case. It appears very well made wonderfully designed and your phone and email customer service was excellent. Good product. "


"You guys make very good products, quality and finish are exceptional. Bravo! Very happy with my new case."


"Just got it today- it is beautiful! Thanks so much. Very speedy shipping too."


"This is my second order -- very pleased, again. Wood grain is beautiful, it fits perfectly, and it attached very easily."


"Beautiful case, and works like a charm! So thrilled with the products and the fast delivery!"


"Thank you so very much! I am excited to get the case. I have been so very pleased with the customer service from you and Mindy. What a great company. I'm attending a convention next year in Indiana. It's one of the states in the US that I've never been to. So when I was searching for wood cases and saw that CARVED is in Indiana it caught my eye.....just serendipity. But as I learned more about your company I KNEW I was getting my case from you. From the fantastic designs to your dedication to working with wood....and now your customer service. ALL EXCELLENT!"


"Hello, got the case already! It is really beautiful! Nice craftsmanship ! It's not easy to find wood inlay service here. I'm really happy with the product. Also the postage is fast. Thanks very much! "


"I just wanted to say that this phone case is AMAZING. It's exactly what I wanted, and people are asking me all the time where I got it! Thank you Carved, coolest case ever."


"I am extremely happy that your product is "Proudly" made in the USA amply displayed on the shipping box. Secondly, my case is Stunning! The grain in the wood is very important to see in my opinion. I did not expect the grain to remain after the custom logo was engraved but my oh my was I excited when I received the case. A job well done and I wish you the best of luck. I am certain that I will encourage others to get this case as well as purchase from you in the future. "


"Got my redwood burl iPhone case today already after ordering late Wednesday night! I couldn't be happier and more pleased with the efficiency of the business :) I will definitely be buying more cases in the future!"


"Thanks for making an awesome Redwood Burl skin and being so great with the customer service!"


"Your stuff is fantastic- just got my first order in the mail and I love it. Thanks so much!"


"Just got my puzzle case and its gorgeous ... Thank you so much!"




"would like to convey how much I dig the two iPhone 5 cases i've gotten from you... my redwood burl is awesome and the puzzle is such catch!"


"i live in Australia and got my case really quick ! very happy with it ! such good quality, definitely recommending to my mates :D"


"I have purchased two iPhone cases from Carved. The first was the world map because I work with international clients. The second was an anchor to reflect my Navy experience. In both instances I was impressed with the entire experience from shipping and tracking notification, to the packaging, and of course the quality of the product. The thing I like the best is the slimness of the case. It fits much better in my pants pocket than some of the bulkier protective cases. My next step is to create my own custom design!"


"I live in Australia and I just got my case today after a week ! Excellent case, really love it ! It's smooth and really unique, and I actually like the smell ! Thank you ! "


"I ordered a Black Limba iPhone 4 case, and all I wanted to say is that I love it! Thanks for making great looking, quality phone cases!"


"AMAZING product! I love my phone cover and receive a ton of compliments! Thanks"


"I was very pleased with the case. It did have strong smell when I got it but after a few days that went away. I've had the case for a while now and it has not lost it's crisp colors and the wood is still in good condition. I get a lot of compliments on it and I recommend this to everyone!"


"Fantastic service, really! Looks great on my phone, very, very classy. Will highly recommend and likely purchase from your store again."


"This skin is absolutely beautiful! Even better than I was hoping for. Thanks so much."


"OMG …. I’m Speechless really …. This is so cool I’m in love .. Got this for a gift for my husband and it’s so neat , he is going to flip !!! First the product is awesome , service was great , packaging was beyond , shipping was super quick … I just love this etsy shop , and hopefully they will get some girly covers , so I can order my self one !! This shop is awesome and made in the USA what's be better then that …. Thanks "


"Great quality. Quick shipping. Thumbs up. "


"Brilliant case. Fast shipping. Thank you CARVED! "


"Love. Just wish my iPhone wasn't white. Love, regardless. And the sticker they sent was sick."


"I just wanted to say you guys rock! I finally got up to date with an iphone & wanted the best case for it... not hard after I found your website! I'm obsessed with maps and the multi wood world map case is gorgeous! I've never seen anything like it! It got to my place in just a couple days and is exactly what I wanted. Keep it up! Thanks & gig'em!"


"I just received my case in the mail! My friend gave it to me as a birthday present and I am extremely pleased. Your work is impressive. The drawing on the packaging was super fun, too. I can't wait to show it off! I will be recommending you guys for sure. Thank you so much!!"


" Fast shipping and high quality case. Thanks! "


"I get so many compliments on this phone case! absolutely love it."


"Love my case, recommending you to my friends! "


"A good friend of mine, a customer of yours, here in Washington DC introduced me to your cases last week after I upgraded to the iPhone 5. I was an instant fan of how light and beautiful it was - and was very excited to order my own today! Your website is fantastic - your speed of getting my order sent out is stellar (I don't even think it was 2 hours!) - and your customer service is already far and above a million other retailers in this country! As someone who has worked in customer service for DirecTV, The John F Kennedy Center AND a Segway tour company, I understand what outstanding customer service means in this day and age - and what you guys are offering is top of the line and deserves to be pointed out. I immediately posted your website to my FB account of over 1900 friends and acquaintances...and I hope a few others come your way from my pool! I look forward to receiving the package. Thanks for doing what you guys do - and doing it so well."


"I just opened your package and the skin doesn't only look great, it also has this nice wood smell. Great piece of art!"


"Hey, just got that wild west case for my phone. pretty nifty. i'll tell my people here in Laramie. thanks to Mindy, who signed the invoice paper, and whomever contributed. "


"Your company is great, and I'll definitely be back to purchase more (for myself!). I'll also recommend Carved any time I have a chance!"


"I bought one for my phone and get so many compliments on it! So now I'm getting this one for a gift for a friend. Thanks so much! :)"


"Hello everybody, just letting you know my olive ash burl 4/4s case arrived this morning and it is stunning!! I wasn't expecting it to arrive in the UK so soon (9 days from placing the order) The quality is fantastic and it adds that special touch to personalize my phone & make it mine. Big thanks to the team at carved. "


"Incredible! Getting a lot of compliments from people who see it. "


"I received it & just love it. I recommended you to all."


"I'm just so pleased with my phone cover I'm struggling to find the words to convey just how pretty it is! :) Unusual design & natural materials that protect my phone wonderfully. As a UK customer too I was very happy with the shipping time, arrived in a week by standard international mail & wouldn't hesitate to order again. Thank you :)"


"So nice and good quality :) "


"I love your product and intend to order additional cases. Simply stunning. Keep up the good work and GREAT customer service."


"I got the custom skin well on time for my friends birthday. I just wanted to let you guys know that your customer service is AMAZING. Thank you so much. "


"Got it in time and love it - nice texture, unique grain. Thank you! "


" Great phone case and the workmanship is exceptional! "


"love these guys and their passion for what they do. "


"Bought this as a birthday present for a geography buff and he loves it! I loved the packaging it came in as well. Thanks!"


"It looks even better in person then it does in the pictures. I get nothing but compliments on it"


"Very very cool. Nonstop comments on my phone now, such a great concept. The wood is beautiful, and the world map is perfect for a pilot! Thanks"


" awesome... beautiful... and the best quality... "


"So beautiful!!! Thank you very very much. I will definitely back to your shop :)"


" Gorgeous piece of work! Lovely piece of craftsmanship, the cut of wood is very attractive too. Awesome quality, such a lovely case. Love it!"


" Gorgeous piece of work, it truly is a piece of art! The two tones of wood look great together, been searching for a good-quality real wood case for awhile. Totally in love with it!"


"My husband loves this phone case. Excellent craftsmanship."


"Super durable and amazing! Best purchase I've ever made!"


"Very happy with my purchase! Lightning-fast shipping. The skin gives my iPhone a distinctive look while making it much less likely to slip out of my hand. I'll be sure to recommend CARVED to anyone I know who's looking for an iPhone skin or cover. Thanks John, Grant, and everyone at CARVED for a great product and great service!"


"Nice communication with the seller. Great quality product was shipped very fast in an intelligent packaging. Thanks"


"Superb item, arrived quickly via international shipping, could not be happier and would highly recommend!"


"I've had iPhones since the 1st generation and I actually work for the Genius Bar at the Apple Store in Liverpool ONE. I've never had a case because I've hated every single one Ive ever seen but this is amazing! Ill be showing everyone in work and directing them towards you. Well done on a great product to everyone at Carved."


"Just wanted to send a thank you, because I absolutely LOVE the case I ordered. I do not believe I have ever had so many people ask me about a phone case."


" I can't rave enough about my product, and this company. I get compliments on my iPhone 5 skin all the time, but the guys from Carved are fantastic. They even shipped out a new front skin when my original one curled from the air moisture. I will definitely be referring other people to Carved Products, and probably buying other products here as well. "


" Great product and very well crafted! My boyfriend is thrilled with his new iphone case. Great communication as well :) Thank-you"


"Just want to say I received my case and it is AMAZING! Definitely worth the wait. The case is the best case I've ever had in my life and I've had about 6 iPhones. Thank you guys so much I'm telling everyone about your company and getting all my friends here in Ottawa Canada to buy from you guys."


"It's even better than the high expectations I already had of the item! Thank you, I absolutely love it."


"This is an amazing case. Genius design, excellent craftsmanship, and very prompt shipping (even over the holidays). I highly recommend this. Do note that each case is unique, which I like. Some of the wood is very very light (bamboo, looks like) and I'm a little concerned it will dirty over time but there is a nice, unintrusive finish on it to ward against that."

Kelly Ann

"Awesome case!! Fast shipping and great price. Thanks!! "


"I truly appreciate the time and quality taken in making this product. I can't thank you enough for how nice it looks next to my Element case. They both look so nice together. I couldn't have asked for better shipping or quality. Thank you"


"These guys should be the business of the year! Great product with even better customer service. Just superb! Can't wait to do business again."


"BEST. IPHONE. CASE. EVER. It's a freakin' work of art! Buy one, even if you don't have an iPhone."


"Ordered from Singapore and received this in a little over a week in a neat little package. I love how it catches the light and the wood feels really nice. And the case doesn't compromise the phone's slim profile. Really happy with the product. Thanks!"


"What a GORGEOUS case! Shipped fast, and I asked for one that was really swirly - they gave me this one, along with a handwritten note about it! Thanks guys! I'll be recommending you to everyone!"


"Amazing purchase! Skin is sleek and beautiful, really easy to apply. Boyfriend bought me a FM transmitter Bumper Case for Christmas which left my phone a little too exposed and very blah looking. This was the perfect fix. So thrilled!"


" Beautiful cover, and shipped quickly! Thanks a bunch! "


"This came only a few days after I ordered it. Amazing quality and craftsmanship. My friends give me compliments all the time! Thank you entirely."


"Item arrived very quickly for Christmas, and my boyfriend loved the case. It's very sleek and looks nice. Thanks!"


"What a seriously well made case! The wood is amazing and very stylish! Thank you!!!"


"Great product, great communication! Thank you Carved! "


"Freaking gorgeous. I get so many compliments on it, and everyone is super jealous!!!"


" Love the case! Looks really nice and I must say, the little card, sticker are just amazing. Great job!"


"Absolutely love my new real wood skin!! It's exactly as pictured, fit on my phone beautifully and looks fantastic. Everything from ordering to delivery was smooth and efficient. The personalized extras (hand-written note) in the shipment package were touching. I highly recommend Carved!!"


"Quality product and fast shipping, thank you! "


"Amazingly delicate work, great addition to Christmas morning, thank you!"


"Love your product! Clean - Simple Design - it's perfect! It looks exactly like the picture - so happy I decided to purchase from Carved :)"


"I have to say, the clear cases are amazing! Wonderfull job you've done at Carved! I will definitely recommend Carved to all my friends and I will definitely order some new cases in the future."


"I received my redwood burl wood+clear case in the mail yesterday and all I can say is I LOVE IT!!! It is the coolest iphone case i've ever owned and when I showed it to my dad he ordered one also and one for my brother and law. Needless to say you guys sell an awesome product and I will keep spreading the word!"


"I ordered the Paldao Wild West skin for my iPhone 4 a couple months back and can honestly say that you guys are, quite simply, the best."


"BEST CASE EVER! this case looks really awesome, so glad I purchased it! fits my phone perfectly, the wood is so pretty, and not bulky or clunky at all! thanks a bunch!"


"I Heard about you guys through a friend and saw his case; it made me want one, so I ordered one. You guys have great customer service, and amazing products! I love what you guys are doing, keep up the good work!!"


"I just received my Lacewood iPhone 5 case. It is by far the coolest phone case I have ever seen in my life. Honestly, what impressed me more than the case was the way it was shipped and presented. The handsigned invoice, the INCREDIBLY fast shipping, the cool sticker and note about your company...I have become a Carved champion for life! Thank you!!!"


"Fast shipping. I accidentally ordered the wrong case and got it exchanged with no hassle. Very content with the product."


"Absolutely BeAuTiFuL!! Amazing attention to detail. Cut with perfect precision! I just don't have the words to accurately describe how much I love this iPhone skin. Wow. :) Thank you so much!!`"


"This is a very cool case. It was delivered on-time and well packaged. I loved that it had an authentic smell from which I could tell they were hand made. I am excited to give it to my husband as a stock-stuffer for his new phone. The ebony wood is very sleek and masculine."


"This. Is. Gorgeous. Super fast shipping, too! "


"Amazing!! I absolutely love it! Thank you SO much!! "


"Really really beautiful case. Fits perfectly! Thank you :) "


"I figured for the price it is worth a shot. Received the case quickly. Quality is excellent, unbelievable at this price. Everyone wants to know where I got it. I have had it for a month and a half and it still looks brand new."


"This is the second item I've ordered from Carved, with no regrets! John and Grant make beautiful wooden iPhone accessories. I tend to be a sucker for pleasant customer service, and I think Carved has a good thing going. I recommend these products without hesitation."


"Love this real wood case. I get lots of compliments on it! Very classy :)"


"Beautiful product, prompt delivery. I am very happy. "


"Expedient shipping, wonderful product. I'm so happy with my purchase."


"I've had MANY iPhones, and even more cases, skins, appliques, and I can honestly say this is the very best case I have owned at any price. The fit and finish are superb. I love that it doesn't add much weight or thickness to the phone. A+ shipping and communication."


"The purchase went well, shipping was fast and the product is amazing! Thank you so much. :)"


"Hey guys I just wanted to say that I absolutely admire the work you guys did on the reconstituted ebony clear case for the iphone 5! I've gotten many compliments on it and I tend to catch myself staring at it for a minute multiple times throughout the day. It's superb! "


"I love the craftsmanship of this case, and I can't wait to show off such an unique case! I also got quick replies from the seller-- great customer service! I will definitely purchase more products from this seller in the future! "


"Shipped very quickly. Product itself is wonderful and the envy of my friends. Constantly asked who makes these skins."


"My iphone case arrived today and I LOVE it. I mean LOVE it. The only negative is that you only included 1 business card with my package. I would like to hand out cards to all of my friends. Keep up the great work!! "


"Absolutely fantastic. I wish I had more phones so I could justify buying more."


"Love it! perfect birthday present for a male friend!"


"Ordered 2 cases, one was perfect and the other had a slight defect. I contacted the shop right away and they were so amazing to send another case free of charge. Completely professional and we love the cases! Thank you, we will shop again!"

Dave and Nickole Swensen

"love it. Dropped my phone down all the way down three flights of stairs and my phone was still perfect."


"Carved is truly great. I think they have a passion for what they are doing, I think they put the customer first and maybe most importantly I think they out out a beautiful, simple, and great product. The full case fits amazingly: it fits flush against the front of the iPhone 5 (that is to say the edges that wrap around the side stay at the same height as the screen). It fits really tight and the inside back even comes with a removable plastic paper to pull off before applying case which makes sure it's completely clean. Overall, buy this case. It's amazing, the company is amazing and ill be fighting for them to continue their success. The case also comes in great packaging and with some extra stickers and product info."


"Love it!! Fits perfectly and looks beautiful. Fast shipping too. "


"Awesome product and great service! "


"Thanks for all! I've my new wood case in only 3 days. Amazing product and Awesome shipping to Spain! Good job, I'll recomend you guys!"


"Absolutely love it. Beautifully made and doesn't add bulk. "


"Awesome product. Snapped snugly to my iphone and has a nice solid feel, Looks super sleek, too. Thanks!"


"it's so so beautiful! Thank you! i can't stop showing it off to everyone :) "


"Fantastic, super quick, effortless, transatlantic transaction to the UK. Highly recommended."


"Super fast, great communication, and great product. "


"Product is beautiful. It's thinner than I was expecting (which is a good thing), yet sturdy. It strikes the perfect balance I was looking for of protecting the iPhone from scratches and scuffs without weighing it down or making it bulky. An absolute steal for the price."


"Product met my expectations! Their enclosed advertising material was very impressive! "


"I bought a bunch of different backs for my phone, all of them have been nice but this one is the best of the bunch. Great communication and quick shipping as well."


"I just want to say thank you, it's maybe one the most beautiful product I ever seen. Thin, Light ... it's original and it keep the beauty of the iPhone 5."


"These are awesome!....even more awesome is the price! There are other wood skins/ cases out there but you will not find the same quality for this price."


"I am so glad I go this! The look is natural and unique without adding hardly any bulk to my phone. I am happy to buy a product made in America, especially when the service is so good. I will be shopping from Carved again."


"I bought an olive burl wood for my brother who owns Architectural Finishing out of Anaheim, CA. They do a lot of commercial wood finishing and he was very, very impressed with the quality of your product! Kudos to all of you..."


"I just got my iPhone skin and it is beautiful, I knew it would be! Thanks so much!"


"Awesooooooome. Got here so fast. Such a creative and high quality product. Keep it up guys!!!"


"Gorgeous cover for new iPhone 5! Beautiful craftsmanship. Highly recommend!"


"If you're on the fence about ordering one of these, I say go ahead! Really quick shipping and outstanding packaging and presentation. CarvedProducts was also extremely responsive and helpful when I had questions prior to ordering and I am incredibly satisfied with my purchase. These will be my go-to guys for iDevice cases and skins from here on out! Be sure to check out the custom engraving options they have as well!"


"Hey guys I just received your product that i purchase couple days ago and i cannot believe how beautiful the work you guys put into these iphone skins. Just wanted to let u guys know I'm extremely happy with my purchase and will definitely be a regular consumer."


"If you're on the fence about ordering one of these, I say go ahead! Really quick shipping and outstanding packaging and presentation. CarvedProducts was also extremely responsive and helpful when I had questions prior to ordering and I am incredibly satisfied with my purchase. These will be my go-to guys for iDevice cases and skins from here on out! Be sure to check out the custom engraving options they have as well!"


"Gorgeous product and very fast shipping, thanks so much!"


"Gorgeous cover for new iPhone 5! Beautiful craftsmanship. Highly recommend!"


"This iPhone skin caught my attention immediately! It was easy to affix to the phone, and continues to draw attention! Great work. "


"Fast shipping! love the wood skin, even better than pictured! Thank you!"


"Yeah~ Finally got my iPhone skin~ It is so unique and soooooo pretty!!!! LOVE it! The shipping is faster than I thought :)))"


"Holy Moses, it's beautiful! I absolutely love it!!! Fast shipping too :) "


"The craftsmanship of the wood and finish is amazing, best I have ever seen :) much thanks for this quality product. "


"Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love my new wood skin. The wood looks amazing and the cut fit perfectly!"


" I just wanted to let you know about the service I received. Everything this was great! Everything that was done, the contents of the package, the note from Al on the packing list makes the customer feel special. Keep up the good work! P.S. The Ebony on the iPhone 5 looks fantastic."


"I just received the iPhone 5 walnut skin and it looks fantastic. It gives my phone a very clean & classy look. The packaging was awesome as well. Great job guys. I'll be a customer for a long time."


"BRILLIANT! I received my Ebony skin for the iPhone 5 yesterday, and it's brilliant. Looks fantastic, fits perfectly...I'm very impressed. Thanks for making a great product :)"


"Got my iPhone 5 wood skin in the mail and I can't say enough good things about it! You guys obviously take a lot of pride in making your skins perfect. The fit and finish is unbeatable. I'll be sending some business your way. Keep it up!"


"I just wanted to let you know about the service I received. Everything this was great! Everything that was done, the contents of the package, the note from Al on the packing list makes the customer feel special. Keep up the good work! P.S. The Ebony on the iPhone 5 looks fantastic."


"Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love my new wood skin. The wood looks amazing and the cut fit perfectly!"


"Great product and nice packing, received in perfect condition. Thanks.Wonderful shopping experience."


"Love, love, love!!!!! So freaking cool, and incredibly well-made."


"This looks wonderful, and feels great!! I paired it with a third party bumper case, and it fit without any issues. I love how my phone looks now. :)"


"So awesome! My boyfriend loves it. Thank you!"


"Wonderful product! Can't say enough great things about this iphone case. I purchased for my husband and he absolutely loves it!"


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