Recycled Skateboard

Google Pixel 2 Black Traveler Wood Case

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Protect your Pixel 2 with the beauty of a hand-made Recycled Skateboard real wood Black Traveler Protective Case by Carved. Unique, natural, real wooden phone cover. Designed & made in Elkhart, Indiana. Fits Google Pixel 2.
Made to order, ships in 1-3 business days.

Recycled Skateboard
Pixel 2
Black Traveler Protective Case



Hand finished real wood cover, combined with a protective case. Not too bulky, just a simple case designed to help protect and show off your Pixel 2. Unique, natural, real wooden phone cover. Made to order and hand-crafted in Elkhart, Indiana. Fits Google Pixel 2.

Completely Unique!

We love working with natural materials because each finished case we make is unique. The grain pattern will react beautifully to lighting changes. The product you receive may have a slightly different pattern than what is pictured. It will be one of a kind.

Natural Feel & Finish

Our finishing process is non-toxic and maintains a natural look and feel to the material. This is an amazing finish that ensures your new case will look great for years to come. We hand finish and sand every piece to create a natural, smooth feel.


Our products are made using natural materials which will never be exactly the same and will react to lighting changes. Every case will have a different and unique pattern. We do our best to photograph a variety of grain patterns and lighting conditions to give you the best idea what our product will look like. We love the changing nature of real materials! Your case will look different in the sun than it will inside your house or car. That is what makes our products so beautiful and unique!


Our products are manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards. Our Warrantly covers defects in material or workmanship in new products. This warranty extends to the original purchaser only and is non-transferable. Only consumers purchasing CARVED products from authorized retailers or resellers or through the website may obtain coverage.

CARVED will replace or refund at no charge, at its option, any product that proves defective because of improper workmanship and/or material, under normal installation and use.

The CARVED Warranty lasts for 1 year from the documented date of purchase.

We do not guaranty that our products will protect your device from possible damage and offer no warranty beyond that of our products. CARVED does not offer any warranty on your device used in connection with our products.

To file a warranty claim, please contact us at (855) 227-8333 or email info( at )

Customer Reviews

Looks great but too expensive for what it is.
By: BuzzingBeeBell On: 11/26/2018
Review for: Recycled Skateboard - Pixel 2 - Black Traveler Protective Case

It's a great looking case but I'll take off two stars for two "issues" I have with it.

1) the price: I know it's made individually and hand made has it's price. But I feel a more reasonable price would be between 20-25 dollars. This is because of my second issue:

2) while in general the case looks great, for this price I do expect it's in really fantastic shape and that there is great quality control.
I bought the Pixel 2 version and there are 3 cutouts in the plastic part of the cover. One round shaped on top, two at the bottom, one round shaped and one for the USB port. The bottom ones look very nice and clean which is why I am surprised that the top round one is quite sloppy. Looks almost like someone tried to cut it by hand in a round-like shape. Another issue I have with it is that between the wood insert on the back and the plastic is a tiny gap. So it looks like the wooden has not been fitted well. I don't know if thats on purpose due to wood expanding and shrinking but it doesn't look good and will surely collect lint and other stuff from pockets.
There is also a small rough patch on the wood in the middle of the back that I only notice when sliding my finger over it.
All of the issues in 2) are quite minor and don't affect the case in general, but I feel if I am paying basically 40+ dollars for this, I expect that such things are in order. These don't seem like difficult things to correct to me as most other parts of the case are fine.

Nitpicking, I know, I just like value for money and if you are after that, this is not the case for you. I don't know if I would buy one again, unless heavily discounted (20-25 dollar range).

By: JR On: 10/4/2018
Review for: Recycled Skateboard - Pixel 2 - Black Traveler Protective Case

Look and feel is so premium and adds an +$100 look to your phone. Looking for something quality and unique this is would be hard to shop other cases after owning this.

Review for: Recycled Skateboard - Pixel 2 - Black Traveler Protective Case

I waited long to finally collect it, because it arrived the day before my flight...
But it's SO worth the wait!
Comfortable, beautiful, awesome and inspiring

Perfect case
Review for: Recycled Skateboard - Pixel 2 - Black Traveler Protective Case

This case is awesome! The design is top notch, the use of recycled material is a huge plus. The fit is terrific, the buttons are well engineered. It doesn't take much pressure to push the buttons, some other cases have this problem. There is a coarse grip edge around the phone that makes for easy gripping. The beveled recess on the fingerprint scanner really prevents accidental contact, which happens a lot without the case. Can't be more happy about this case. Top notch!

Very pleased, only minor irritations.
By: Emily On: 4/25/2018
Review for: Recycled Skateboard - Pixel 2 - Black Traveler Protective Case

I do love this case! The colors make it completely unique. One of two complaints I have about it are that the side buttons could use a little more definition. I've had it for about a month now, and I still mistake the power for the volume up button and v.v. My only other complaint is that the OCD in me goes a little nuts over the fact that the print/cut is not exactly vertical. It's a little off-kilter...maybe 5-10º or so. This might be part of the uniqueness of it, but it does bug me a little.

Otherwise, case fits great, feels great in the hand, and has earned its compliments.

Now, if only Carved could get together with Moment and put some awesome cases together for the lenses, and I wouldn't have to switch cases to use my lenses!

Looks Awesome, Side buttons aren't clicky enough
Review for: Recycled Skateboard - Pixel 2 - Black Traveler Protective Case

Essentially what the title says. The case itself is stunning, and I get compliments daily. I did come from using the official Google Fabric case though, so I found it very difficult to push the buttons on the side of the case. I'm not saying I have a solution, but if having a clicky power/volume button is a big deal for you then I would NOT recommend this case. I deal with it because I love the look and I guess it could be worse.

Good Quality, Nice Design
Review for: Recycled Skateboard - Pixel 2 - Black Traveler Protective Case

I like that this case is made partially from recycled materials. It feels like a really solid case and the has a nice, natural, unpolished texture to it. The case is the right thickness where the placing of the fingerprint reader feels natural and not like it's too recessed. The only problem I have is that the side buttons don't stick out far enough to make them easy to find without looking at the phone. I would prefer if they stuck out farther or were textured more. Otherwise, this is a really nice case.

More stunning in person!
Review for: Recycled Skateboard - Pixel 2 - Black Traveler Protective Case

Lovely case! Protection everywhere it is needed for my phone, and more stunning than in photos online!

Great case!
Review for: Recycled Skateboard - Pixel 2 - Black Traveler Protective Case

I love the look and feel of this case. It's protective without being bulky, and looks awesome!

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