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Live Edge Phone Case



Our Live Edge cases are made from an amazing combination of wood burl and colored resin. We make every single block by hand, one at a time. You choose the block that you love, tell us which phone you have and we'll make the most amazing case you've ever seen!
  • Designed & Made at our shop in Elkhart, Indiana
  • Stabilization process hardens the wood against drops
  • Solid Metal Buttons
  • Cork lined to protect your phone

We release our latest batch of Live Edge cases every day at 11AM EST.

Shipping & Delivery

All orders will ship from our shop in Elkhart, Indiana.

USA Shipping Options
We offer 2 different shipping options for orders within the USA:

  1. Free Shipping. This method is Free ☺️ and uses USPS First Class Mail for delivery. Packages typically take 3-5 days to arrive to most destinations within the USA although we have seen some packages take longer than that.

  2. Expedited Shipping. This method costs $7.99 and uses USPS Priority Mail for delivery. Packages typically take 1-2 business days to arrive but some can take 3 or 4 business days, depending on how close your shipping address is to Indiana. If you choose this method, we will also do our best to make your order quickly, although we can't guarantee that it will get rushed.

International Shipping
We offer two different shipping options for orders outside of the USA:

  1. DHL Parcel International Standard. This method is $5.99 USD and uses DHL Parcel International Standard for delivery. Packages typically take 8-15 business days to arrive to most countries although in rare cases we have seen some packages take longer than that.

  2. DHL Express Worldwide. This method costs $28.49 and uses DHL Express Worldwide for delivery. Packages typically take 3-7 business days to arrive. If you choose this method, we will also do our best to make your order quickly, although we can't guarantee that it will get rushed.

Duties and Customs Fees (For International Shipping)
We know that customs and unexpected costs can be such a drag! Shipping cost does not cover any customs fees that may be imposed by your home country. We suggest you look into your home country's customs fees prior to purchasing if you are hesitant about paying customs.

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Our Guarantee

We hope you love our products as much as we love making them! We are all very passionate about what we do and work hard to make some of the coolest, totally natural accessories. If you order from us and something isn't right, or you just really don't like our product, we will make things right.

Our products are manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards. Our Warranty covers defects in material or workmanship in new products. This warranty extends to the original purchaser only and is non-transferable.

We do not guarantee that our products will protect your device from possible damage and offer no warranty beyond that of our products. We do not offer any warranty on your device used in connection with our products.

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The Live Edge Phone Cases Collection

Crafted from knots and burls.

A unique wooden case made from a unique process that starts with a knot, a burl or a rough piece of wood. We don't take the straight grain, we start with the crazy stuff. The wood that is normally worthless for just about anything else. We resin stabilize the wood to give it strength and stability. This unique process creates a single, solid piece that shows off the beauty of the wood inside.

We load this piece into our precision CNC and cut out the rough case. This rough case is then sanded smooth, all the way up to 1000 grit sandpaper. Our finishing process brings out the color and grain of the wood. We line the interior back and rails with natural cork to protect your phone casing from any scratches. The power and volume buttons are solid metal (choose from Titanium, Brass or Black Anodized Titanium). The case is then polished smooth and ready to wrap your device!

How do I get one??

Our Live Edge cases are released on a very limited basis and sell out quickly. We upload them during the week as we produce them, and release them for sale each weekday at 11AM Eastern Time. You choose the exact block you want, tell us the model of your phone, then buy it! But you have to act fast because we usually have over 150 people trying to buy at the same time.

Once your order has been placed, we then start making your case from the exact block you chose. It takes us 7-10 days to make your case but feel free to check in at any time to see the progress.

"The design is beautiful. You can tell the wood is real and the swirling of the resin gives a killer look to it. It’s also lined on the inside to keep your phone in good condition and has a camera groove as well. Unlike a lot of cases, it also fits together perfect and doesn’t come undone."

1 of one.

Your case will be precision machined from the block shown above. If you want this case, buy it right now. Seriously, until you have finished the checkout process and submitted your payment, someone else could grab it first. And that would make us both sad because it’s perfect for you.

Made of wood. Take care of it.
Please do not abuse your new case. If you tend to drop your phone or use it in harsh environments, leave this case at home. Wood is beautiful but it does react to drastic changes in temperature and humidity. We stabilize every piece of wood we use so while this case is much stronger than you would expect, it's still easier to break than a plastic case. Love it gently.

What if it breaks?
Our Satisfaction Guarantee is something that we are really proud of. And it's very simple:

1 Year: 1 Replacement

That means anytime within 1 year after you order your case, if it breaks or is damaged for any reason at all, we will completely replace it! And if you have really slippery fingers, we'll do that twice!

How can we offer such an insane warranty?
While this is a wood case, we have a unique hardening process that makes it very durable. Yes, you can still break it, but you don't have to treat it like a Fabergé egg. We understand that you are investing a lot of money into this case and we want you to love it. Part of loving it is knowing that we have your back, even if it's your fault!

Here's what we've recently sold...

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  • Live Edge Phone Case - Isabella (002963)

Now Available for Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus

100% made by us.

"I was so impressed with the details in the packaging from personal thank you notes to a couple of stickers, then on to the nicely packaged product. What a treat to see this level of detail. The case itself is much sweeter than I expected. The fit is amazing and I keep wanting to put my phone face down just to look at the details of the case. I received several compliments and now my wife wants one. Beware, once you get one case in the house, everyone will want one."

Find your perfect block.

"Truly The Most Gorgeous Case Ever" I have no words. Pictures do NOT do these cases justice. The scent of the wood, the blending and swirling of the colors, the quality and precision. It's literally perfect. I can see myself buying a so many more of these. Not only are they beautifully crafted cases, but they can be come awesome collectibles (if you're a case collector). I've never been into the wooden case craze, but Carved has changed my thoughts and I'm only sticking to Carved!
"Absolutely love it!" I am so happy that I waited for the Live Edge case to be available for my phone. It looks beautiful, fits perfectly, and so far has stood up to normal wear and tear. It came very thoughtfully packaged with info about the artist. I will definitely be a repeat customer when I upgrade my phone.

Like a wooden glove for your phone.

"Worth the wait" I would check in every so often to see if these were available and I happened to snag this one, it's beautiful, well built and the open bottom makes it much nicer to use.
I absolutely LOVE my Live Edge case! I now spend as much time looking at the back of my phone as the front! I can’t say enough about the quality, style and coolness of this case! I get compliments every single day! So happy I found your site!
"Love Love Love my Live Edge case!" My new live edge case is a piece of art. The price paid is well worth it considering it is a one of a kind piece. I have received plenty of compliments and I continue to tell others to visit carved. Only down side to the live edge case is the availability and the fact that I felt like I had won the lottery the day one was available. :) Great Job Carved!!!
"One of a kind, and worth it!" So I have been a Carved customer for a long time. I got my son a case, I referred friends who saw my cases and loved them. Now I have an iPhone Xs and was amazed at how heavy and slippery it was. Time for a case. Oh the pressure, going on line, ordering a case you want before it's gone. But I did it!!! Customer service helped me get the case and took such good care of me along the way. I even got my new case in time to show it off on a work trip abroad. The most common question, "What kind of case is that?" I would tell them a wood and epoxy case from Carved. "It's wood???" Yup. So onto what I like about it. The look is great. Blend of style and nature. The fit is great. The open bottom allows for easy cord and speaker access. The buttons work perfectly. You do need fingernails to easily toggle the vibrate/silent switch. The overall feel is what you would expect, solid. Thank you Carved!