We're hiring an eCommerce Marketing Director

This is a pretty important role at Carved. If you're reading this, there's a good chance you own one of our products, or you're thinking seriously about buying one. We're excited to add somebody to the team but we also want to be sure it's the right fit.

Maybe it's you?? Keep reading and see if it makes sense to apply.

Or maybe you know somebody? We'd love if you could send them a link to this page.

Ok, here's our pitch...

In today's economy, selling products digitally is the only way you are going to survive. But how does theory about selling actually translate into the tangible selling of products? And I'm not talking about that ever regretful clickbait, but real products that people use everyday to solve real problems. Maybe it's just me, but for once, I would like to meet the person that embodies all of the best qualities of the leading minds and couple that with a passion for seeing their strategies come to life in a real business environment with an actual consumer product.

I am talking about seeing someone actually take an established brand with proven potential, and in a short amount of time, achieve double or triple the revenue gains. Do you really think this is possible? Well here's the opportunity... If you're a person that loves the rush of accelerated growth, are passionate about building a long-term brand strategy, and wants to do it with a team of proven product experts, we need to talk.

We are Carved. A dedicated team of professionals that has invested heavily in building a foundation that is ready to support significant profitable growth. Our team is masterfully put together on every level with one exception, we need a true marketing strategist, a CMO that can deliver real results! Is that you?

Here's a little more about who we are and what we do (there's an application form at the bottom of this page).

Every single day we make hundreds of phone cases, wallets, bracelets and more. Except every single one is unique. Not just unique like a slightly different shade of brown leather. So unique that we actually photograph - every - single - one.

We start with the raw materials (wood burls and resin) and our team of artists goes to work making, well, art. Then we take that art and marry it with something you normally don't think twice about (but you touch hundreds of times a day). And we give it a name. Like Aldo or Zion.

Suddenly we have something amazing. A product that has its own character and identity.

We call it 1 of One.

It's not just "one of a kind" like a pair of leather shoes or handmade earrings. It's a singular piece of art. No prints, no remakes. Just 1. In a series of One. When it sells, it's gone forever. We'll keep using the same colors and the same wood species, but we can never remake that 1. It's literally impossible. Side note: it's also really freakin hard to do, start to finish, but we've got a rockstar team that somehow makes it happen.

So, there you have it. Does this sound like a challenge worthy of accepting?

Go ahead. Open the conversation. Who knows, maybe you're the person to actually deliver on something that very few can say they achieved. We look forward to the conversation.


Now onto the more traditional parts of the relationship...

We have:

  • An innovative, engaging, and inclusive team committed to creating impact
  • Competitive compensation packages
  • Profit sharing opportunities
  • Work-life balance, providing Vacation and Paid Leave Time annually

You have:

  • Solid digital marketing experience, specifically within D2C eCommerce environments
  • Readiness to lead both strategy and hands-on execution of marketing verticals
  • Extensive experience with digital marketing platforms, including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics, SEO, SEM, and email marketing
  • Deep understanding of conversion tactics, tools, and performance metrics
  • Capacity for strategic thinking and decision-making, with a willingness to challenge the status quo to capture and increase market share
  • Entrepreneurial, collaborative, and innovation-driven mindset
  • Track record of identifying, cultivating, and maintaining relationships with strategic partners
  • Bonus - familiarity with Klaviyo and Shopify platforms

You will:

  • Embody Carved's core values: Work hard. Always learn. Be kind.
  • Have the opportunity to translate innovative ideas into reality as a core member of Carved's creative leadership team
  • Guide development and execution of the overall digital and eCommerce marketing strategy
  • Leverage eCommerce marketing tools and SEO / SEM strategies to generate traffic to Carved's website, social pages, and platforms
  • Develop and launch marketing campaigns to align brand strategies with consumer trends
  • Drive cohesive, connected, and unified consumer experiences across eCommerce channels
  • Propose and deliver continuous enhancements to both product and consumer journeys
  • Engage with product, fulfillment, and distribution teams to support online sales operations
  • Generate, interpret, and share data insights related to marketing initiatives, product performance, and customer experience


To apply, please email your resume and a cover letter to jobs (at) carved.com