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If you love our mission of making 1 of a kind products, then join our Influencer program to get free Carved gear! It's free to apply and if you are approved, you get to pick the exact products you want to rep.

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✏️ Apply to join

Fill out our quick application so we know who you are. We accept a wide range of influencers into our program but you must have a social media account that you are regularly posting content on. We will also check your account to make sure you don't spam your followers or have a bunch of fake friends. Nobody likes fake friends ;)

📦 Choose your products

We'll review your application within 2 days and let you know if you are approved. If you are in, you can then choose the Carved gear you want to rep!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone apply?

We're always looking for great content partners to work with, regardless of follower count. However we do require that you are actively posting in at least one social media channel. We will also review your channel to ensure that you have high quality engagement from your followers. We hate spam and aren't interested in partners who aren't producing high quality content that their audience cares about.

How can I start?

If you already have a Carved case, wallet or other product, take a photo and tag us in it! Or just fill out our Application (linked above) to get started.

Do I make money if I generate sales?

Depending on several factors, partners can earn based on performance, time and overall mesh. Let's dip our toe in the water before diving in though :)

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