COVID-19 Updates

May 29, 2020 - Back up to speed with shipping

We've been able to get our shipping times back down to about 2 business days so any orders you place should ship out pretty quick! We have also been working on a lot of product updates behind the scenes that continue to increase the quality of our Wood+Resin inlays. We are also making some huge updates to our bracelets over the next few weeks so stay tuned. Thanks to everyone who has become a customer of ours over the past few months. Thanks to all of you we've been able to keep our staff on and fully paid!



April 30, 2020 - Still keeping up with shipping

Our team has been doing a great job keeping up with shipping this month! Our shipping timeframes had to change to 2-4 days (from 1-3 days) but we are working hard to get everything out the door as quick as we can. Fortunately our entire team has stayed healthy through all this, we hope you have too.



April 16, 2020 - Seeing some international delays

Our limited team is keeping up well with shipping (and we just started shipping some S20 orders today!) but we are seeing some international delays. If your package gets returned to us we will hold and reship it at no cost to you. Feel free to reach out to our CS team with any questions ( Hopefully we are past the peak in the US! Huge thanks to all our medical staff, my sister included :)



April 13, 2020 - Shipping is still on schedule

Just a quick update to say that our shipping is still on schedule. Most orders are being shipped out within 1-2 business days (except S20 Pre-orders and Custom Live Edge blocks which take an additional 2 weeks due to a limited production team).



March 30, 2020 - Gearing up for another good week

So far our entire team (at home and the ones shipping) are all healthy (families included!) Our county has been fortunate to have a really low number of cases so far and we've all been practicing a lot of social distancing. I think a lot of us are looking forward to shaking hands and high fives again someday, hopefully sooner rather than later :)

We will be getting our S20 cases launched for pre-order this week and we just put up a bunch of beautiful new Live Edge blocks.



March 27, 2020 - We are crushing orders this week

Our skeleton crew has done a great job the past few days keeping up on orders. As of this afternoon we will have shipped out every single order, except the S20 Live Edge cases. We are still doing final prototyping on those and hope to start shipping them out mid next week. We should also have our S20 cases available for pre-order by the end of next week. We've got a really cool launch announcement coming with the S20 so make sure to follow us on Instagram if you don't already.

With our lower sales volume right now we are able to get almost every order shipped out every day right now and hope to continue that for the next few weeks at least.

We do recommend shipping to addresses that you know you can access right now. Please remember that some business addresses might have restricted access right now. But don't worry, if your package is returned to us for non-delivery, we will hold it at our shop and contact you for an updated address.

Also, if you're a small business owner who has been negatively impacted through this, the new CARES act might be some great help for you right now. Definitely take a look at what it could provide for your employees.



March 25, 2020 - Still shipping orders!

At Carved we are facing an interesting time. There’s no playbook on what to do or how to act right now, but it does make me extra appreciative of the little things in life that we so easily overlook in the good times.

We are closely adhering to all state + federal requirements (plus our own common sense and judgement) to keep our employees and customers as safe as possible. This part isn't new for us, we do this every day, pandemic or not.

With that said, we recently made a few changes that I wanted to make you aware of:

  1. We have significantly scaled back the number of people who are in the shop each day. This was done to make sure we are adhering to Indiana's Stay-At-Home order that went into effect last night. We are still currently able to ship out all orders that are coming in. The effects of the coronavirus have significantly reduced the number of new orders we get each day so we are able to fulfill them with a much smaller team in the shop.

  2. We changed our Live Edge case selection process so you can now select the exact block you want, then we will make it for the device you specify. Please give us up to 2 weeks right now to make these custom orders.

  3. We want to do our best to share positive things! Over the next few weeks you’ll see us post nature shots, cute animals, and even some music playlists on our Instagram and Facebook pages, mixed with the usual beautiful product photos from Al :)

  4. We are fortunate to be able to fully employ our entire team for the next 2 weeks. Anyone who has been sent home will still receive their full pay from Carved. While I am confident the government will do something to provide additional support for people who have been negatively affected through this, I am choosing to keep everyone at full pay for the next 2 weeks, even if we don't get any support at all. Our team means a lot to me and their hard work each day is what has driven us as a company over the past 10 years.

Lastly, I mean it when I say you (yes, you!) are the lifeblood of small businesses like Carved. Without you, we simply wouldn't exist. Take a minute to think of other small businesses and brands that you love and support and give them a shout out! In times like these, I personally know how much it means.

Thanks again for your support and love, it means the world to me and my team.



March 16, 2020 - Our response to COVID-19

I wanted to give you a quick update on what we are doing in response to the coronavirus.

As we are following the impact both locally and globally, we want to do everything we can to ensure the health and safety of our team members and our customers.

As of this update there are currently 0 reported cases in Elkhart County so we are going to do our best to continue shipping our orders. Our customer service team has always worked remote so that will continue.

We will closely follow any local or state regulations that would affect us. We are increasing the amount of workspace and surface cleaning that we already do every day. As a team we are also practicing social distancing and doing what we can to minimize any contact between team members. It's a sad reality but it's an important one right now. Anyone who feels sick or is concerned they might be is being asked to stay home. Any affected team members will continue to be fully paid during this time.

We appreciate your support in this crazy, unprecedented time and remain confident that we will get through it, hopefully a lot sooner than anyone expects.

Don't let the fear win!

John Webber
Founder, Carved



As this situation is constantly changing, any updates to our products, shipping times or processes will be posted on this page.