Custom Wood Inlays & Engravings

We love making customized wood products. If you follow these simple steps, we can create an amazing custom inlaid wood case for your device!


Online Custom Designer

Quickly and easily create your own unique custom design online, then order it for your specific device. You can choose the wood type and add custom text or icons. Starts at $44.




Upload Your Art

Choose your device and wood species, upload your art file and we will make a custom engraved wood case just for you. Starts at $49.



Vector or Bitmap?
We can engrave art that is either a vector file (AI, EPS) or a bitmap (JPG, PNG) file. There are some key differences between these file types and it is important that your art is in the right format. If you want a simple engraving send us a vector file. If you don't know how to create a vector file, you can send us a high resolution (300dpi or higher) bitmap of your art.

Vector art must be black and white.

Photographs or bitmap images can be in color, we will convert them to the correct format for our laser. A higher contrast image will engrave much better.

Using a Vector File
You must provide us with either an AI (Adobe Illustrator) or EPS format file. Most major graphics editing programs will enable you to save in at least one of these formats. There are many great resources online to help you create vector files. You can also find some amazing vector files at stock photography websites like or

All shapes and text must be filled in black. Everything in your art file that is black will be engraved, any other colors will be ignored.

Still need more info? Here is a great article about the differences between vector and bitmap files.


Interested in a custom inlay?
One of our specialties is laser engraved wood inlays. We offer custom inlays for any of our wood cases. We can create a beautiful inlay for your company logo or your vector file. Due to the complexity with creating inlays, they cannot be purchased online, simply visit our custom inlay request page and we can start designing your new inlay. Pricing for a custom inlaid wood phone case is very straightforward:

Total cost = $59.00 + ($1.00 x number of inlay pieces) 

Our base price for a custom inlay in any of our wood types is $59. Pricing for your inlay is based on the number of pieces in your inlay and is $1.00 per piece. For example, an inlay that included a square and a circle would cost an additional $2.00 ($1.00 for the square piece and $1.00 for the circle piece). 

The cost of an inlay is directly related to how complex your art piece is. To get an exact price, just email us a copy of your art and we will quote it for you. We can also help you determine the best combination of wood types for your custom inlaid case.

Ready to order?
First, make sure you have your file saved in the proper format on your computer. Find the custom product for your device. Get started here: Custom Wood Case

Upload your file on the product page, Add to cart, Checkout and you are done!


How long does it take to make a custom order?
It typically takes us 3-5 business days to make and ship a custom order. We start by verifying your art file and doing a test run to make sure it will engrave or inlay properly. If we find any issues, we will contact you to get them resolved. Once we have the art ready, we laser engrave and cut out the design on your choice of wood type. The art is then inlaid together into the final design. We carefully inspect it and then apply our wood finish. We sand it between each finish coat to ensure a perfectly finish. Once that process is done, we inspect it again and then ship it out to you!