ThinWireless Chargers - Dark Red

Impossibly thin, USB-C, Fast Charging, Qi compatible, 1 of a kind. CNC machined aluminum body. This wireless charger is amazing. Each one is unique and made at our shop in Elkhart, Indiana.
Everything you see here is one of a kind. When it sells, it's gone forever.
Made with wood burls
Thin Wireless Charger
Greg (346496)
Thin Wireless Charger
Dido (346170)
Thin Wireless Charger
Jeri (345833)
SustainableWe source our burls directly from the harvesters and know the origin of every piece we use.
Thin Wireless Charger
Jade (344653)
Thin Wireless Charger
Emil (336391)
Thin Wireless Charger
Ric (334032)

Can't find one you like? No more left??

Every product we make is one of a kind, made by our team in Elkhart, Indiana. We make more each day and post them here as we finish them. Our most popular pieces usually sell within minutes of being posted.

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