iPhone 8 Plus Cases

Get a slim, protective case for your iPhone 8 Plus. Don't settle for a boring case.

iPhone 8 Plus Cases & Covers

When it comes to protecting your phone, it is often hard to find something that protects and looks good. It is easy to find bulky rubber cases, but you are compromising the look and feel of your phone for the benefit of protection. What if we told you that you can have both? A great looking phone that is also protected in a case as unique as you are?

At Carved, we pride ourselves in creating protective phone cases with custom, unique designs made from all-natural materials like real wood. The backbone of the Carved operation is about always creating something new, different, and something that resonates with people who are like us: nature lovers, travel addicts, and those with wanderlust.

If you are like us, you spend a lot of time and money on your phone. We bet that most of the day it is either in your hand, on your desk, propped up in your car, or visible in some way. It’s how you connect to the world, and how you capture the memories you create with those who are your world. It is your entertainment and the home to all your favorite playlists. You want to protect it, but you also don’t want to take away from the look and feel of it. We make protecting your
phone in style easy with Carved Wooden Cases. We have a selection of cases for every style, personality, and interest.

The protective wooden cases are as unique as you but tough enough to protect your phone from the bumps and scrapes of everyday life. Check out our selection of wooden iPhone 8 Plus cases and dress up your phone a little bit!