Galaxy Note 9 Cases

Get a slim, protective case for your Galaxy Note 9. Don't settle for a boring case.

Galaxy Note 9 Cases & Covers

An impressive phone deserves an impressive case. When a phone comes out of the box as beautiful as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, it can be hard to find a case that you like enough to cover it up, but protecting it is essential. At Carved, we create beautiful wooden cases that have your phone covered!

The way we see it, you spend a lot of money on your phone! And if you are like us it is almost always in your hand, on your desk, or visible in some capacity. It’s your primary device for communication, it is your camera, your calendar, your notebook, and a source of entertainment. It is a lifeline. Protecting it is a MUST, protecting it in style is a CHOICE and we make it easy with Carved Wooden Cases. We have a selection of cases for every style, personality, and interest. In a world where everyone has a phone, why not make yours stand out as extraordinary as you?

The Carved protective wooden cases are as unique as you and make a statement while also being tough enough to protect your phone from everyday life. Whether you are running to the bank, hiking your favorite trail, jet-setting across the country, or handing your phone off to your toddler to keep them busy for a little while, your iPhone is well protected (and fun to look at) in a Carved Wooden Case.