Turtle Inlay

Seaside Shell Case

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Seaside Series turtle inlay case, featuring the natural beauty of real shell and mother of pearl inlays. The artwork is inlaid on a sheet of genuine purpleheart wood. Laser cut and finished by hand.

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Turtle Inlay


The Seaside Series Turtle Inlay case, features the natural beauty of real shell and mother of pearl inlays. The artwork is inlaid on a sheet of genuine purpleheart wood. Laser cut and finished by hand.

The Seaside Series blends our established use of precision laser cutting, hand inlaying, UV printing with all natural shell and mother of pearl to create a beautiful new line of cases. With nature still at the heart of the cases in this series, we hope you find them to be an exciting addition.
  • Unique Natural Wood Grain And Finish
  • Precision Laser Cut Wood
  • Inlays Cut From Real Shell And Inlaid By Hand
  • Made At Our Shop In Elkhart, Indiana

Completely Unique!

We love working with natural materials because each finished case we make is unique. The grain pattern will react beautifully to lighting changes. The product you receive may have a slightly different pattern than what is pictured. It will be one of a kind.


Our finishing process is non-toxic and maintains a natural look and feel to the material. This is an amazing finish that ensures your new case will look great for years to come. We hand finish and sand every piece to create a natural, smooth feel.


Our products are made using natural materials which will never be exactly the same and will react to lighting changes. Every case will have a different and unique pattern. We do our best to photograph a variety of grain patterns and lighting conditions to give you the best idea what our product will look like. We love the changing nature of real materials! Your case will look different in the sun than it will inside your house or car. That is what makes our products so beautiful and unique!


Our products are manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards. Our Warrantly covers defects in material or workmanship in new products. This warranty extends to the original purchaser only and is non-transferable. Only consumers purchasing CARVED products from authorized retailers or resellers or through the http://www.carved.com website may obtain coverage.

CARVED will replace or refund at no charge, at its option, any product that proves defective because of improper workmanship and/or material, under normal installation and use.

The CARVED Warranty lasts for 1 year from the documented date of purchase.

We do not guaranty that our products will protect your device from possible damage and offer no warranty beyond that of our products. CARVED does not offer any warranty on your device used in connection with our products.

To file a warranty claim, please contact us at (855) 227-8333 or email info( at )carved.com.

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Customer Reviews

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Seriously so awesome
By: N/A On: 1/19/2017

Love love love love this phone case! I have already dropped my phone twice with it on and nothing has happened! Along with the protection, it is absolutely beautiful craftsmanship. I cannot wait to buy more!

Great, but...
By: N/A On: 1/13/2017

I want to say the build quality and the way this case looks and feels is amazing. I am extremely happy with this case; the only problem is, and maybe it's my fault, but I like the clear instead of black, it doesn't cover the top or bottom though. Maybe having an accurate description of the case before I bought would have been better, and like I said it could have been my fault for missing it or not understanding properly. But overall it's an amazing, beautiful case.

Phone case for mom
By: Cidney On: 12/30/2016

I've been getting cases from you guys for a while now. My mom loves sea turtles and when I saw this case I had to buy it.

beautiful case
By: N/A On: 12/28/2016

Bought this for my nephew by request and he was ecstatic. It was made beautifully and arrived quickly. I was really impressed with the quality of the workmanship and the integrity of the business. They seem proud of their work and it shows.

Even more beautiful in person
By: N/A On: 12/27/2016

Absolutely beautiful and well made piece. Looks even better in person than online! Very sturdy, have dropped my phone a couple times and is still holding! Would highly recommend for anyone.

The workmanship was excellent
By: N/A On: 12/27/2016

I bought this as a Christmas present for my wife, and she loves it!

Absolutely beautiful!
By: N/A On: 12/24/2016

It arrived today - fits perfectly on the phone (doesn't displace the glass screen protector) and is STUNNING. Couldn't be happier! And it only took 3 weeks to ship to Australia! Honestly in love with it already, it is actually beautiful, and I couldn't have hoped for anything better :)

Excellent Craftsmanship
By: N/A On: 12/23/2016

Fit and finish on this case is superb, and the colors of the final product are very slightly different than the example on the site, proving that each piece is individually made. My wife loves the case, so it's a win!

By: N/A On: 12/18/2016

Bought this for my daughter for Christmas and she loves it so much. There are no words. We love artisan made crafted things and this is gorgeous. I got one too and love it so much. Thank you Carved! Keep up the good work!

Amazing case
By: N/A On: 12/17/2016


Loved it but.....
By: N/A On: 12/17/2016

I loved the case! I loved the feel and the look and just everything about it, but...... the black siding on the side where the volume controls are at cracked and completely fell apart.....

Great product
By: N/A On: 12/16/2016

Very protecrive and looks great. Can't ask for more.

Turtle inlay
By: N/A On: 12/10/2016

The case was just as advertised, my wife loves it! And we both are more than happy to put our money towards a product made in America! Good work carved!!!!!!

Great work. Made with love
By: Tanasha On: 12/8/2016

Even better in person. Love it!!

Fantastic phone case!
By: N/A On: 12/8/2016

The wood is gorgeous! Very nice detail and awesome craftsman ship! I LOVE this case! I can tell a lot of work went into this case. Even in the packaging! It felt like getting a gift in the mail. The hand written thank you for your order was a nice touch. The cut outs match up nicely and I have no trouble charging my phone with this case on. Also no issues with the cut out for the finger print scanner on the back. The power and volume controls are flush with the sides of the case making it difficult to locate and push by touch. You can't really go by feel. You have to look where they are then push the button. Having said that the buttons do work flawlessly and are not difficult for me to work. That is my only miner gripe for this case. Also the headphone jack cutout is a bit small so not all will fit. The ones I have do, so no biggie for me but it might be a problem for some. I have a nexus 6p phone and this case look very nice on my phone. I like sea turtles and when I saw this case knew I had to have it! I watched and waited and this case went on sale for black Friday. I went ahead and placed my order. I am not disappointed. I will be a repeat customer for sure. Also I will be recommending carved to all who want to know about where I got this case. It was so hard to just choose one case.

By: N/A On: 12/7/2016

The case is beautiful and very well built. I work for a phone carrier and can tell a good case from a bad one and you guys have done a very well job crafting these phone cases. Beautiful work!

Awesome case!
By: Payton On: 12/2/2016

I ordered the black rubbered case for my Google pixel and it's fits perfectly. This case is so pretty and I love it! It seems a bit more purple than what I was expecting from the photo but it's still amazing. So happy I found this website!

Absolutely beautiful!
By: N/A On: 11/30/2016

The texture of the case is more than I expected. Being a person of simple taste I don't like anything too ostentatious. This case fits that very description. I got this case to remind me how humanity needs to remember that the evolution of the human species and its consciousness can't be forgotten from now on. The Carved Tortoise reminded me of Lonesome George and evolution from when I was in Galapagos sixteen years ago.

Compliments everywhere!
By: N/A On: 11/29/2016

The contrast of natural wood and inlaid seashell make this case a no-brainer gift for my wife. She loves it and it doesn't add too much bulk to her phone, while still protecting the edges from minor slips.

Excellent quality
By: N/A On: 11/28/2016

I loved the design when I first saw it on the website, and the quality is first rate. I worry a little about the inlay popping out if and when I drop my phone, but the case is by far the best I've ever had.

Happy Customer
By: N/A On: 11/26/2016

Love this case!!Very Happy!! Delivered on time

Awesome case
By: N/A On: 11/23/2016

I love this case. Perfect for and look amazing. I was worried about if the case would be an issue for the wireless charging on my Samsung Galaxy 7, but it charges just fine with the case on.

Amazing Artwork but wish the hardshell case protects the top and bottom of the iphone
By: Brian On: 11/23/2016

The real product looks exactly like the picture. I'm impressed that the packaging and presentation feels very personal. The case looks premium and meticulously prepared.

My only complain is that the transparent hardshell case doesn't cover the top and bottom of my new iphone, and there are no protections for the volume and power buttons (unlike the bumper case).

Immediately after I ordered the Turtle Inlay, I ordered the Koi Pond bumper case for my sis, and she loves how the phone goes with her black iphone 7.

I hope that the company could offer a transparent (soft) case for white iphones which would offer the same protection and feel as a black bumper case without the sharp color contrast.

I'd definitely come back for more!

Amazing artwork but wish the hardshell case protects the top and bottom of the iphone.
By: N/A On: 11/23/2016

The real product appears exactly the same as the picture, I'm impressed that the packaging and presentation feels very personal. The case looks premium and meticulously made. It goes well with my white iphone 7, I can envision myself using it for a very long time.

My only complain is that the hardshell minimalist case doesn't wrap around the top and bottom of my new iphone, and the case doesn't protect the volume and power buttons (unlike the bumper case).

After getting the Turtle Inlay, I immediately ordered the Koi Pond bumper case for my sis, and she loves how it goes with her black iphone.

I do hope that the company would consider offering a transparent bumper (soft) case for white iphones, which would offer the same protection as the black bumper case without the sharp color contrast.

Definitely would come back for more!

I freakin love this case!
By: N/A On: 11/22/2016

This case is gorgeous!
I feel like I finally have a case that does my phone justice.
Pro tip: put a little cutting board oil on the back to help seal the wood and emphasize the grain pattern.

Amazing, love it.
By: N/A On: 11/17/2016

Birthday present - received in a week.

Many thanks.

Worth it
By: N/A On: 11/7/2016

I've been looking for a Sea Turtle case for a long time, and then I saw this case pop up with a turtle and made out of wood, I was sold. The quality is really high. Already recommending to friends and will keep recommending.

Great product!!!
By: N/A On: 10/26/2016

Great Detail and fits phone perfect!!!

By: N/A On: 10/25/2016

I love my Turtle inlay case. The case is so beautiful, that I immediately ordered another but different case!

By: N/A On: 10/19/2016

Love all the detail. Very well made

Beautiful Case!
By: bongo2363 On: 10/14/2016

I really love the design of the case, very unique! One minor thing would be that the top and bottom of phone is not covered and it was hard to know that just by looking at the website photos. Otherwise it's pretty sturdy and I like it.

Turtle case :)
By: Rachel On: 10/7/2016

I absolutely love the case, it's perfect! Plus the packaging was very impressive. I am very pleased with my purchase and the artwork is fantastic. Thank you so much!

Well made and beautiful
By: N/A On: 10/1/2016

Such a beautiful case I love it!

Love it!
By: N/A On: 9/22/2016

It is exactly what the description says. I love the quality and craftsmanship of this case! You will never find another like it anywhere else! I will definitely buy another product from Carved!

Im buying more....
By: N/A On: 9/21/2016

The packaging.thank you note and timely arrival.Unexpected compliments..Replaced my broken cover for a new vibe of the sea turtle.Took me back when I swam with turtles in hawaii ..Love it and purchasing other styles...

Gift for my daughter.
By: N/A On: 9/17/2016

I purchasea case few weeks back. And my daughter fell in loewith. I decided to buy her one for her birthday because she kept trying to steal my case. I love the case I have purchased from your site. Definitely will be purchasing more cases from you

Turtle Inlay
By: N/A On: 9/8/2016

Amazing! SO many compliments.. Love. Love. Love!

Love it!
By: N/A On: 9/7/2016

It's as beautiful as I hoped it would be. Looks great on the pink gold S7 with a perfect fit.

Excellent case!
By: Harrison On: 9/6/2016

I bought this case for my girlfriend and she loves it! The pictures make it look great but it's even better in person! I will definitely be ordering a case for myself from Carved soon!

favorite case so far!
By: Courtney On: 9/6/2016

I solely but cases from Carved because the quality is just as exquisite as the craftsmenship. This case is absolutely stunning. It doesn't have the same reddish tone in the picture, but it's just as beautiful!

Much darker than is shown in the picture.
By: N/A On: 8/31/2016

I must say that I've made my order from Spain using the ordinary shipment option, and I was pleasantly surprised to receive it in a bit more than one week. I loved the packaging, it seems like it was all prepared with care and love. My phone is Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, so this case comes presented in black rubber, and the wood part is much darker than it is shown in the picture, so it's not that summery as I expected it to be, it looks more like an autumn-winter case and I think that issue should be improved. Nevertheless I still find the design original and I think you do a great job! Thank you!

By: Traci On: 8/26/2016

Love this case!! It's so beautiful and it fits my Nexus 6p perfectly. Thank you so much!!!

Great case!
By: Shyanne On: 8/16/2016

This case is beautiful and fits my S7 Edge live a glove. The gold phone looks great in it and I've already received a lot of compliments on it! Quality materials, great service, and it arrived earlier than anticipated!

Turtle case
By: N/A On: 8/12/2016

I absolutely love this case! It's not bulky and fits snug against my phone.

Beautiful, func tional, great value and Made in the USA
By: N/A On: 8/4/2016

I am very impressed with the level of craftsmanship, the functionality of the grip on the case, the well thought design of protecting the phone whole still holding true to a high aesthetic design. I am happy to know that this product was made in the USA and that this company makes such wonderful products for purchase.

By: Ruby On: 8/2/2016

I love this case so much! It's not bulky, fits my phone perfectly and looks absolutely beautiful! It's lovely quality. I really couldn't be happier. :)

Excellent and beautiful!
By: Paula On: 7/8/2016

I was very excited when I bought this cover. I was a little disappointed when I received it since the color of the wood was not as bright and reddish brown as in the picture, it was a little more opaque and purplish. Regardless of this, I still loved it and think it looks beautiful!

By: N/A On: 7/5/2016

It's beautiful and perfect! I love love love it!

Simply Incredible
By: Casey On: 7/2/2016

This case is absolutely beautiful! The mix of wood and shell looks amazing. It fits my iPhone 6s perfectly and arrived surprisingly fast. The people at Carved are super nice as well. My experience couldn't have been better.

By: N/A On: 6/30/2016

This is a beautiful cover. It's a real piece of craftsmanship in all the way.

By: N/A On: 6/25/2016

This was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. You guys do such great work and I'm extremely happy with how it looks! Every little detail is so cool and I couldn't be more happy with how amazing it looks! Thanks guys for your amazing work, without a doubt would order from you again

Simply the best.....
By: Carleigh On: 6/23/2016

I ordered this casemail the second I saw it. As a huge sea turtle lover I found the pearl and abalone she'll in this piece to be so beautiful. The turtle inlay fits perfectly into the purple wood and she shell fits perfectly into the light wood of the turtle. I highly highly highly recommend this case. I've gotten so many questions about amd compliments on this case. Thank you Carved for a phenomenal and beautiful piece of art!

Very nice
By: N/A On: 6/22/2016

I like turtles so this was nice to have,specially hand crafted

Another awesome case
By: N/A On: 6/21/2016

Another awesome iPhone 6 case. Really beautiful! Highly recommend.

Incredible Cases
By: N/A On: 6/17/2016

The satellite case and turtle case i got from you guys are fantastic. Love the Vibe and care in your packaging, of the cases and your business. If your getting some new orders from this area its because everyone that sees the cases are in awe.
Thanks every one,

Turtle power
By: Steve On: 6/17/2016

Looks great and fits good. Love your products.

Favorite case of all time!!!
By: Carleigh On: 6/16/2016

Just bought this case for my S7 after I bought a satellite series case from the Carved company. Let me tell you this is a BEAUTIFUL piece of art! I highly recommend this case or any other product from this company. They are phenomenal and have outstanding customer service.

Beauty of Quality
By: N/A On: 6/16/2016

I was very pleased! Excellent quality and great customer service. I will be referring this company to friends and family. Everyone that sees the turtle cover asks "Where did you get that!"

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