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Seaside Shell Case

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Seaside Series koi print case, featuring the natural beauty of real shell combined with UV printed artwork. Koi fish printed on a sheet of scallop shell. Laser cut and finished by hand.

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Koi Print


The Seaside Series Koi Print case, features the natural beauty of real shell combined with UV printed artwork. The koi fish is printed on a sheet of scallop shell. Laser cut and finished by hand.

The Seaside Series blends our established use of precision laser cutting, hand inlaying, UV printing with all natural shell and mother of pearl to create a beautiful new line of cases. With nature still at the heart of the cases in this series, we hope you find them to be an exciting addition.
  • Unique Natural Shell Pattern
  • Precision Laser Cut
  • Full Color Durable UV Printing
  • Printed On A Full Sheet Of Scallop Shell
  • Made At Our Shop In Elkhart, Indiana

Completely Unique!

All of our products are made from responsibly and sustainably harvested wood, no fake printed wood grain. The grain pattern will react beautifully to lighting changes. The product you receive may have a slightly different grain pattern than what is pictured. It will be one of a kind.


Our wood finishing process maintains a natural look and feel while providing a very high level of protection for your device. This is an amazing finish that ensures your new wood skin or case will look great for years to come. We hand finish and sand every piece to create a natural, smooth feel.


Our products are made from 100% real wood which reacts to lighting changes. Every skin or case will have a different and unique grain pattern. We do our best to photograph a variety of grain patterns and lighting conditions to give you the best idea what our product will look like. We love the changing nature of wood! Your skin or case will look different in the sun than it will inside your house or car. That is what makes our products so beautiful and unique!


Our products are manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards. Our Warrantly covers defects in material or workmanship in new products. This warranty extends to the original purchaser only and is non-transferable. Only consumers purchasing CARVED products from authorized retailers or resellers or through the http://www.carved.com website may obtain coverage.

CARVED will replace or refund at no charge, at its option, any product that proves defective because of improper workmanship and/or material, under normal installation and use.

The CARVED Warranty lasts for 1 year from the documented date of purchase.

We do not guaranty that our products will protect your device from possible damage and offer no warranty beyond that of our products. CARVED does not offer any warranty on your device used in connection with our products.

To file a warranty claim, please contact us at (855) 227-8333 or email info( at )carved.com.

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Customer Reviews

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By: N/A On: 12/4/2016

I received this cover as explained in perfect condition! It's actually exactly like it's picture! I did however take the chance on its thin protective layer noticing other comments- I too had a peel/flake problem. I began to work on my options to change this before it didn't have its protective cover to shield the design and shell from scratches- and I did. Believe it or not I applied sally hansens gel nail polish on it. I didn't realize how quickly it dried so I have some flubs, along with the protective layer (if it's not the quick dry layer) it started getting caught in my brush strokes- so with a few extra drops to cover that, I let it set overnight- it looks like water... if I were to do this differently, I wouldn't wait for it to flake, just apply the gel nail polish in each section of shell in its natural curve then let it set, that way, any imperfections will seem on purpose because it will look like the shell. So far it's been 3 weeks- no scratches or chips, and it's more shiney than received! LOOOVE IT!

By: N/A On: 11/15/2016

Lovely to look and and lovely to hold.

By: N/A On: 10/14/2016

For a colleague of mine who is literally fell in love with this cover.
Not surprising for a fisherman, I suppose.

Backside already peeling only 1 day after I got it...
By: Marshall On: 10/8/2016

Let me start by saying this case is absolutely stunning. The way it refracts light and shifts around in colors is an incredible effect. However, part of its beauty is NOT how the matte coat protecting the back peels off. Especially after one day of use. This is unacceptable for a case meant to protect your phone. Consider buying another case even if you use the best care and caution with your phone, as this one can't even stand one day...

not made for long time use
By: fi On: 9/26/2016

The case looked nice at the beginning, although the shiny effects are a bit weak due to the coating part on top of the shells. After some months (maybe 4) the same coating layer starts to come of from the shells like bubbles. Only a thing of time and it will peel of i guess.

By: N/A On: 9/3/2016

Nice piece with slip free edge.

Great at first
By: Mal On: 8/25/2016

Great when I got it. Artwork was just as good as in the screen shots. I've had the case for maybe 2 months though and have taken great care of the phone and case, but the artwork is now starting to peel off. A bit unfortunate as I was really enjoying it.

Love the way the light shines off of my new Carved phone case!
By: Bryon J. On: 8/12/2016

I got my Carved phone case-the Koi Print model, and it is BEAUTIFUL! I love the way the light shines off of the scallop shell inlay, giving it a 3-dimensional, iridescent look. It fits my Galaxy s7 perfectly and the rubber traveler case makes the phone easy to hold. Thank you, Carved! -Bryon

Nice touch
By: N/A On: 8/5/2016

I bought this for a silver iPhone 6S Plus with the Slim Case in black. It's easy to snap on and doesn't add much bulk. The design, coloring, and reflection is very unique. I feel much less anxious when handling the phone than I did w/o the case (which had a very slippery feel).

I think I would like to try one of the handcrafted cases at some point as those are too cool. Though I change phones pretty frequently, so it may be difficult to justify that purchase.

Love It!
By: N/A On: 8/5/2016

So the only reason this is not 5 stars and in my head I feel like a bastard for this, but the charger hole for the case was to small for multiple chargers I use. Some did fit fine, but others I could not plug in at all. I was advised to send back, but I still believe this is a quality product so i just grabbed a small sand knife and weathered out some more space and its no longer an issue. Thanks again!

Wonderful job
By: N/A On: 8/3/2016

The traveler's case coupled with the koi fish design is just beautiful. The textures and fitting feel natural in hand. Great job guys! Really love it

By: N/A On: 8/2/2016

This really is a beautiful case. The design and intricacies are all there and the traveler's case looks stellar and fits great in hand.

By: N/A On: 8/2/2016

This really is a beautiful case. The design and intricacies are all there and the traveler's case looks stellar and fits great in hand.

Daughters gift
By: N/A On: 6/28/2016

This great. She is owing to be so surprised

Perfect, And I Mean It
By: N/A On: 6/23/2016

My mom ordered this for me and it's absolutely perfect. Not only is it a perfect fit, but it's beautiful. The buttons are super easy to press, and the back is just like in the picture. I wouldn't know how durable it is just yet since I haven't had it long, but I'm not one to throw my phone around much, so it's just fine for me. :)

Functional artwork!
By: N/A On: 6/18/2016

It is soo cool to carry a piece of art with me! Your cases are epic!! Keep up the great work!

By: Kimberlee On: 6/11/2016

It was everything I was expecting, plus a little more! Love at first sight.

By: Shawn On: 6/10/2016

I ordered the one for the Samsung s7 edge and the design is beautiful. My only suggestion is that you make the top and bottom of the front part jut out a bit more so that the screen will not touch the ground if it were to fall flat.

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